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  • sarasbubby2 January 2021
    Really enjoyed this movie had a great plot and great fight scenes with exciting characters. Reccomend this movie to all classic kung fu fans a big thumbs up to the people who made this movie possible I've watched it several times and will watch it several more times before it's all said and done...
  • This movie is also titled "Shaolin Iron Fist". The movie opens to a narrator explaining the warlord problem and Don Wong working out. Chan Sing is introduced as the baddest warlord. He uses his iron claw or hawk's fist (his hand is blackened and immune to fire) to kill a man and demonstrate his badness. Don Wong is a police man. He goes about town making sure law and order is upheld and uses his kung fu to that end. There are two idiots that almost ruin the movie. They are the brothers of the hot kung fu chick and Don's love interest. They can't stay out of trouble and do nothing to gain any sympathy from the audience. A valuable letter is revealed and Chan Sing orders that everyone who saw the letter must be killed. The two villains of the movie, Chan Sing and Chang Yi, are conspicuously absent for most of the movie. Nevertheless the underlings provide excellent fights, each fight uniquely choreographed and executed with good focus and power. I rate the movie above average for the year and genre based on the fights and despite the already mentioned weaknesses of plot and character. I recommend it for any fan of martial arts movies from the golden age 1967-1984.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the beginning of the republic, an ex-Ching lord Chin Su (Chen Sing) forces a group of ex-Ching ministers to sign a declaration for the re-establishment of the Ching dynasty. This declaration falls into the hands of a police chief (Wong Tao) and then.....

    Chief Commander Hu (Don Wong) and Simon Lee (Li Yi-Min) team up together to battle with (Long White Hair) "Silver Fox" (Chang Yi) when they learn of a plot to overthrow the Ming government.

    I'm sure that some would give this a low rating and others a higher rating. Being in my 50's I would be among the people that would rate a little better being that I really enjoyed watching this stuff back in the 70's and 80's. Although being kinda cheesy but also a "blast from the past", I'll split this down the middle and give it a 5/10..