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  • humezaara23 July 2006
    Great Pair of Sridevi and Jeetu. Has everything that a masala movie should have and also its remake of a Tamil film. It's movie about an Ramu who is raised throw hardships by his mother and he returns to village as a engineer. Jeetendra is playing the character of engineer babu, Ravi, and Waheeda is playing the role of his mother. Sridevi playing the Rekha daughter a Sher Singh played by Amjad Khan. This movies great to watch and contains lots of comedy and wonderful music. The Naino Main Sapna , Sapno main sajna, sajna pe dil aagya, is from this film. The music is foot taping and dances are great. One more thing this is the movie of Sridevi's early years in Hindi movies and the voice dobbed on her is not her voice but dances are just super. Her character is small character but as a leading lady opposite Jeetu whom she worked with in many great films, but also as a kid she played his sister in 73. Jeetu at his best dances but his acting good sometime you hear him that he lecturing somebody or in college. Maybe his acting in dialog delivery had same always but i think its seems little weird. Amjad Khan is at his best and Kader Khan is giving the best performance I ever seen. Shoma looks great in village gal. Arun Govl is mute and he is giving great performance. Asarni gives average performance but great direction of the director. Lovely locations, and its worth watching. The locations are similar in other Padmalya films also but lovely locations and great art direction set coordination. It's great film that a family can enjoy. Beautiful costumes, and great cinematography. To find what the movie is about everyone should see it.
  • mikialama18 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Don't let the overall 4.4 rating stop you from enjoying the best of mind-boggling masala film that Bollywood has to offer! (I can only guess the low rating may come from viewers unfamiliar with the traditional scope of a such a film.) Himmatwala was a huge commercial success, one of the highest grossing films of the 80s, and a film that launched the incomparable Sridevi into stardom. From crime to spiritual lessons to tragedy to fantasy to musical to light-hearted comedy to romance to heroes and villains and damsels in distress-Himmatwala has it all. Really, it could be the dictionary definition for masala movies. The film is definitely dated, but its successful recipe still guides some of the best mainstream, over-the-top film productions coming out of India today. In fact, it's far superior, imho. Where else could you see some of the best Bollywood actors ever (particularly the aforementioned Sridevi)pull out every single weapon in their acting arsenals all in the same movie? Sridevi as the jaw-dropping bad girl with a change of heart, unforgettable Shakti Kapoor as villain, man in love and comedic foil all in one. Amjad Khan as predictably bad guy again, but a surprisingly dynamic character who gets to be villain, devoted father and comedian-who would have guessed Gabbar Singh from Sholay could ever make you laugh? Jeetendra and Waheeda Rehman's characters as the absolutely essential static but noble hero and his mother-the good guys who fight the good fight to save everything Bollywood believes Indian culture holds dear! Plus all the wonderful clash of colors and unlikely sets of masala song sequences. You have to take it with a grain of salt (except perhaps the heart-breaking and almost too-real flood scenes), but when you watch a film like Himmatwala, it's all about the mindset and a very willing suspension of disbelief. And oh my goodness, the last 50 or so minutes make everything else you sat through worthwhile, especially Shakti and his construction crane! Do give this one a chance. It's worth it.
  • basheer4478 January 2013
    This movie Himmatwala was a blockbuster of 1983, from this movie Kader khan commercial value increased and even his popularity as comedian, Sri Devi too re-launched after failure pairing with Amol Palikar in Solva Sawan it is 100% entertaining movie for Jeetenra Sri Devi fans performance wise Jeetendra is on top he always gives his best performances, his emotional scene with Waheeda Rehman superb and he excel in dance numbers,his dressing sense from his early films till his retirement over all on top , This movie was a trend setter for different type of comedy and later on lot of movies follows the footstep of this movie. over all it is considered a 100% entertaining movie of Jeetendra Sri Devi hit pair.
  • A great film made in Madras, I thought they make Tamil films only but no that not true. Its a worth watching film and Ragu is a great director. I heard the song of the movie but not seen the movie but when I saw the first time its so brilliant, with great performance and music, dance numbers. It is just great to watch Sridevi dance along with Jeetu. The rest cast is amazing in their roles and cinematography captures beautiful locations amazingly and I loved this film since I watched on DVD. Its 8 out of 10. And one of Jeetu's best work ever. Bappi Lahiri have given a great music for the film. The singers have done great job also.
  • silvan-desouza20 February 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Jeetendra was famous in 80s for south remakes, be it Himmatwala, Tohfa, Maqsad.etc This film was a remake of a Telugu film Ooriki Monagadu of 1981. The film is made in 80s style, full with evil villains, our hero has a poor mother, sister.etc and a rich girl Sridevi who is shown wearing dresses first and after change of heart she wears saree. The film has lot of drama, some funny incidents though It's treated like a comedy with drama like most south films

    Direction by K. Raghavendra Rao is good Music by Bappi Lahiri is good, Naino mein Sapna is still remembered today, sung to perfection by Kishore,Lata, the song was performed brilliantly by Sridevi and Jeetendra, Taaki re Taaki and other songs are good too

    Jeetendra wears a horrible wig, which he also wore in Tohfa his acting is as usual, Sridevi with a dubbed voice is decent, this film shot her to fame, one of her first few films. Kader Khan is as usual,Amjad Khan is good Shakti Kapoor is okay, Shoma Anand and others are okay

    The film was remade in 2013 by Sajid Khan who made a mess of it