Kumari Naaz dubbed for Sridevi.

Kader Khan stated "My elder son Kudoos would come home after playing with his friends with his clothes all torn.As a villain, I always got beaten up in the end.His friends and classmates told him that your father beats up people and then, in the end, he gets beaten up. My son used to get angry at such comments and get into fights.One day, when he came home with a head injury, I became very upset and decided I would not accept villain roles any more. Himmatwala, a comedy, was being made and I started doing comic roles from then on.

The biggest blockbuster of its time. Its remake made in 2013 by Sajid Khan was a complete failure.

Kadar Khan who played villainous and character roles tried his hand at comedy with this film and later came to be known as comedy King Kadar Khan.

Asrani was the part of both the remake and the original.

This was the film which started the trend of Jeetentra, Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor type of comedy types of films from south.

Sridevi had debuted in the film Solva Saawan 1979 which bombed badly and she returned back to south films. Himmatwala was her comeback to Hindi films after 4 years. Jeetendra to was suffering financial set back in his career after his production Dedaar E Yaar 1982 failed miserably and he lost lot of money. This film proved lucky for both the actors as their career boosted after its major success.

Sridevi and Jeetendra had four releases in 1983. Himmatwala being the first release while the others in order were Jaani Dost, Justice Chaudhary and Mawaali and all proved successful at the ticket window.

Sanjay Dutt once appeared drunk on the sets of the film to meet newcomer Sridevi. He went directly to her make up room which didn't go well with her. In future Sridevi avoided working with him they were part of only one film together Gumrah 1993. While shooting for Ramesh Sippy's shelved film Zameen director made sure they didn't have much scenes opposite each other as Sridevi was paired with Vinod Khanna and Sanjay Dutt with Madhuri Dixit. They had shot for Khuda Gawah 1992 but Sanjay Dutt left the film mid way. Finally they were to make comeback in Karan Johar's Shiddat but tragically Sridevi passed away before the shoot starts.

The 1980s films were known for Kadar Khan and Shakti Kapoor comedy timing as father and son playing negative characters. This was the first major film in which both actors do reprise such roles. Earlier they worked in Lootmaar and Qurbani both in 1980 but did not have the comedy track of father and son.

Sridevi passed away a day before the 35th anniversary of the film on 24th February 2018 which was noted by her costar Jeetendra.

Swaroop Sampat who played Jetendra's sister in the film and Kadar Khan's daughter in law. In 2013 after 30 years her husband Paresh Rawal played the character of Kadar Khan in its remake.

Jeetendra once said that he was nervous to match dancing steps with Sridevi as she was a perfect in all her moves. The film marked the unique and popular dancing style of Jeetendra and Sridevi in 1980s.

Songs of the film were big hits making it one of the biggest Musical blockbuster Masala film of 1980s.

Sridevi was signed by Padmalaya for a Telugu film that got shelved. They decided to use her dates for Himmatwala.

Sridevi was languishing in the sidelines till this movie launched her high. She earned the sobriquet 'Thundering Thighs' after this movie.

In those days, Kader Khan was remarkably prolific as both actor and writer down South. "Many Mumbai producers resented that," he smiles. "But my career progressed fast because after writing my scripts I would record them on audio and send the cassettes to my director, who would get an exact idea of the lines and sequences. After listening to Himmatwala, director K. Raghavendra Rao summoned me the same afternoon to Hyderabad, 'You have written the munim's lines in such a way that the actor we had in mind cannot do the role, and no one else can. Producer G.A.Seshagiri Rao and I have decided that you have to play the munim.

The film was titled "Zabardasti" when it was launched.

Rekha was the original choice for the lead.