Dirty Blonde (1984)

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When a ladies' man disappears, a string of beautiful women go looking for him, including his ex-wife, his new fiancée and a sexy private eye.


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11 April 2009 | Nodriesrespect
| Last of the Red Hot Lovers
A good example of director Joe Sarno's ability to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, this is probably the best of the slew of micro-budgeted mid-Eighties features he made for then fledgling home entertainment honcho Video-X-Pix, a line-up that includes such barely remembered stroke operas as STRAY CATS, SHACKING UP and LITTLE ORAL ANNIE TAKES MANHATTAN ! Arriving at the tail end of the adult industry's so-called "Golden Age", which roughly covers the entire Seventies and first half of the Eighties, these were actually shot on 35mm film stock and received token theatrical distribution in cities and countries still in proud possession of "passion pit" cinemas. Trivia note : as late as the Spring of 2009 (!), DIRTY BLONDE was still screening at the Brussels ABC Theater, filling out a double bill with Gerard Damiano's incomparable SATISFIERS OF ALPHA BLUE !

Silly plot is completely salvaged by superior sex scenes, with full evidence of Sarno's knack for cast chemistry and, shall we say, "in depth" coverage ! Philandering Klaus Multia (a German performer usually entrusted with as little dialog as possible in Ron Sullivan's SEX SPA USA and PUSSYCAT GALORE and early Femme features) has gone missing and the ladies in his life want him back as – to quote Woody Allen – he was the best time they ever had without laughing. Current fiancée Carol Cross enlists the aid of jaded private eye Honey Wilder and together they make the rounds of friends, acquaintances and usual suspects to ascertain the red hot lover's current whereabouts.

Delicious Danielle, whom the title could be in reference to, exits the movie far too soon as the P.I.'s very hands on secretary though not before she pulls off a lusty liaison with Joey Silvera (paired for neither first nor last time) and a scorching threesome with Wilder and hunky Michael Knight. Not to be outdone in the dirty blonde sweepstakes, Cross bangs Multia twice, generating considerable heat on both occasions, and gives it up for dorky Alan Adrian in a snappy little number. As the final possible contender, ex-wife turned waitress Cody Nicole ("Roxanne Potts" on Svetlana's SEX BOAT) has been horny ever since she and Klaus called it quits. Fortunately, bar patron George Payne comes to her much needed rescue.

Stalwart Sharon Mitchell and curvaceous Renee Summers, an adorable starlet who always seemed game for just about anything, turn up as Carol's cousins who are also carrying on a same sex incestuous affair, exemplifying the happy go lucky atmosphere carried over from Sarno's Sixties sexploitation heyday. One of the more intriguing male performers at the time, in that his good looks and unflagging carnal prowess were supplemented with considerable thespian talent, scrumptiously furry David Scott appears as Wilder's toy boy, adequately alleviating the harried snoop's work day stress with a torrid tumble in the sheets. Sure, the hackneyed premise ultimately stumbles towards a conclusion that only a blind man might not see coming but, as the saying goes, getting there is indeed all the fun.

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