Bimbo: I hear this is a really naughty place. I hear they perform sex acts, *explicit* sex acts.

Nick: [laughs] Well, that's my favorite kind, sweetheart.

[last lines]

Kim: [talking on phone she signals the approaching Tony to be silent] It's time you understood that I have needs too. In fact, I'm just discovering that myself.


Kim: I never thought it was okay for me to enjoy my body for my own pleasure.


Kim: No. I'm not going to continue working there.


Kim: I know. I know, Nick.


Kim: Sure, if you want to. We can have lunch.


Kim: I think we *should* discuss it.


Kim: That's a promise.


Kim: Tomorrow. We'll both try again, tomorrow.


Kim: Tonight?


Kim: It's not possible.

[hangs up phone]

[first lines]

Nick: Look, if it's too much trouble to fix me somethin' to eat, I'll just catch somethin' on the way to the airport.

Kim: I didn't say it was too much trouble, Nick. I only said I was tired. It *is* six o'clock in the morning, you know.

Nick: I know what time it is. You know, maybe if you didn't stay up all night watching the damned TV you wouldn't be so tired.

Bimbo: Well, If I didn't know better, I'd almost think you had wife you were rushin' home to.

Nick: [laughs] I told you I wasn't married.

Bimbo: Well, o'course you told me you weren't married. Men are always tellin' me they ain't married, but most of 'em turn out to be no good lyin' bastards with a wife and several small children. And where does that leave me? Out in the cold.


Bimbo: Alone again... naturally.

Kim: So... which one of you gets the daiquiri?

Nick: [looks up and recognizes Kim] What the...? The *lady* gets the daiquiri.

Kim: Sorry, sir, I didn't see a lady at this table.

Bimbo: Is that some kinda crack, or whut?

Nick: Just calm down, let's... no need to get hot and bothered here.

Bimbo: Well... I want to know what she meant, she didn't see no lady sittin' at this table.

[to Kim]

Bimbo: I wanna know what you meant.

Kim: Well, as soon as I finish my shift I'll come back and explain it to you... with little wooden blocks.

[turns and leaves]