Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan (1985)

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22 July 2011 | lor_
Transitional porn from Sarno
This lesser-known video was a followup to the hit INSIDE LITTLE ORAL ANNIE, both made by veteran pornographer Joe Sarno to spotlight the deep throat talents of Little Oral Annie. IMDb incorrectly lists the first film as a 1988 picture, but it dates from 1984 and this sequel from 1985. The original reportedly stands as distrib Video-X-Pix's best-seller to date.

Followup closely resembles in format the regimented approach of dozens of Sarno cheapies to follow with a key difference -it is shot on film, with excellent lighting, framing and technical expertise. But the content alarmingly signals the "who cares?" approach to come.

Harking back to the granddaddy of all these exercises, Rene Bond in 1971's hit TEENAGE FANTASIES, the program is punctuated, in nearly Pavlovian fashion, by brilliantly staged tight closeups of Annie's fellatio technique, putting to shame the primitive DEEP THROAT antics of Linda Lovelace. Here we have perfection, rivaled in porn history only by the queens of depth perception C.J. Laing and Bobbi Bliss. And following in Bond's mouth steps these interstitial segments are pleasantly concise -Annie spending seconds rather than minutes bringing each john to fruition.

But Annie is not merely a 1-trick pony. We see her in lesbian scenes and boy/girl humping, but unfortunately Sarno shoots low. When she's not twirling her skirt provocatively, wandering through idyllic shots of Central Park, Annie is subjected to the same no-preamble, idiotically tedious sex scenes that characterize the Sarno videos to come, and featuring the same exact library rock music. Boring.

Her co-star Danielle, alluring in an orange jumpsuit (which ironically looks dated now that the Prison Chic look of recent decades has taken over using that shade), is also impressive. Annie makes a big deal over Danielle's long, pointy nipples, her particular claim to fame.

It is embarrassing to watch Sarno, a part of film history thanks to his psychologically complex and convolutedly plotted '60s and '70s soft porn classics, do a complete flip-flop to the "wham bam" school here. Typically, Annie is at home, the doorbell rings, somebody enters and engages her in b.s. ad libs, and then -to bed! The doorbell rings again, she shouts "It's open!", and an immediate threesome or foursome ensues. No story, no characters, no nothing.

So as a harbinger of bad things to come (and dominate the "Adult" industry for three decades and counting) this video is definitely a drag. Its sole purpose is to present Annie in action, getting guys off one by one, on screen and presumably in the audience.

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