Captain James T. Kirk: Let me leave you with this: individuals among us act as individuals, for good and for ill. But overall, the different races of the Federation are joined in a mutual respect that overcomes differences. I think you will be pleased with us.

Doctor Leonard McCoy: You can never trust anybody, and people who look like pointy-eared hobgoblins are definitely at the bottom of the list.

Spock: It appears that Doctor McCoy did not learn the lesson of this mission either. Unfortunate, but not unexpected.

Captain James T. Kirk: I thought you were killed when your pathetic imitation of the Enterprise was destroyed.

Ies Beddell: Fortunately, a cloaked Elasi frigate transported me before my bridge was destroyed. Fortunate for one of us, that is.

Captain James T. Kirk: Captain Klarr, we don't want this woman to die any more than you do; not because we want to milk her brain dry, but because she's an important being in her own right. Just as important to the universe as... well, as your companion there. Maybe more so.

Doctor Leonard McCoy: [McCoy has just survived being shot at] Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a target!

Spock: Vulcans do not play baseball, Doctor, nor do many humans in this century.

Doctor Leonard McCoy: I'm just a simple country doctor, not a magician... there are some things I just can't fix!