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  • lor_11 April 2019
    Though Porsche Lynn's loveliness stands out, writer-turned director Patti Rhodes overdoes the old-fashioned boulevard romance in this transatlantic porn feature.

    It was produced by Dino Ferrara, who during the 1980s specialized in marrying American with Continental talent in these shot-in-Europe movies aiming at corraling an international audience.

    This one also suffers from an insufferable lead performance by Paul Thomas playing a penniless French nobleman who is assigned to chaperone Porsche as Mimi, a teen visiting Paris. Mimi's mom back in America is friends with Paulette, who runs a very high-class bordello in the CIty of Lights, and is well-played in NonSex fashion by Lisa Berenger (an actress good enough to have played mainstream movie roles).

    Mimi's life in Paris is the jumping off point for a number of scenes spotlighting solid Euro talent, including lovely Marilyn Jess as Paulette's maid, and the ubiquitous French Adult movies actor Gabriel Pontello as a wealthy Frenchman who is smitten with Mimi, but only wants her as a mistress, as he's already happily hitched.

    There's a certain charm to the fey and oh-so civilized performances here, but PT's phony French-accent and exaggerated acting prove to be embarrassing. It's a shame that he and auteur Patti messed up, as Porsche was never lovelier.