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  • I found this movie without a box in a 50 cent bin. It turned out to be an old porno but I let it play out anyway.

    It actually has a lot in common with those late 70s early 80s sex comedies. It's no porkys for sure but they do a lot with the what I'm sure was absolutely no budget at all. It's shot like an 80s sitcom. Not much style to it but competent. It has a lot of character development I'll give it that. Al, Sam, daisy, the cranky old many pornos have remember-able characters? It's not laugh out loud hilarious more like smile and a nod or corny jokes, but it was enjoyable. The running gag with the Spanish maid gets old quick.

    The 2 best scenes are when the devil shows up and the search for Mr weasel, a handpuppeted weirdo.
  • Eric Edwards earned that old line: "Better not quit your day job", producing and directing this old-old-fashioned porn comedy, which plays like a no-talent Summer Stock play, boring and static. Cast of porn regulars overact with XXX downplayed and seemingly immaterial (first sex scene doesn't take place until 1/2 an hour has slowly elapsed).

    Replete with his own voice-over, Eric as a motel's night manager on Friday night insists on making many a failed joke, just killing time. His leading lady Taija Rae has something of a Bernadette Peters appeal as a sympathetic prostitute, while at the opposite extreme BDSM specialist Tantala Ray is insufferable as a harridan giving her husband Wayne Stevens a hard time and Ona Zee is pure stereotype in a hoary portrayal of a Latina maid who keeps making mistakes with English.

    Plenty of self-indulgence is on display: Billy Dee and Jon Martin cast as Good Ole Boy truckers, and especially Nick Random embarrassing as Taija's first customer, doing lots of bits of business until stooping to playing a handpuppet to interact and role-play with Rae. One scene stealer succeeds: Nikki Knights styled in red as sort of a devil character having a threesome with hubby Jesse Eastern and Taija. And Mike Horner and Shanna McCullough are thrown into the mix as newlyweds.
  • A cute comedy from writer/director/star Eric Edwards stars himself as the night manager of a "No Tell Motel" and we get to witness the comings and going of the people staying there on a Friday night. Focusing more on prostitute Daisy/Sunshine played wonderfully by Taija Rai who can break your heart with her pout. Edwards pulls off a neat trick in that the humour shines through instead of being an annoying plot device. Add in an ambitious production compared to the standard of the SOV era and this one rises above the usual, more sex heavy fair.