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  • Adult film stars are just like those on soap operas and in other "mainstream" entertainment, apparently. Given half a chance they all want... to SING! This pic is a take-off on 'My Fair Lady,' complete with songs, with Shanna McCullough in the Liza Doolittle role and Mike Horner parodying Henry Higgins. However, I'm sure approximately 100% of porn fans would rather see Shanna and company swing rather than sing. Luckily there's not too many musical numbers here, and it appears that the "legitimate" stage wasn't robbed of any big stars.

    Shanna is great, though, in her more familiar role. She has heated scenes with Aja, with Jon Martin and Charlie St. Cyr, and a nice finale with Horner. The film's most incendiary coupling goes to Nina Hartley and Randy West.
  • An awful porn parody, even by the low standards of that genre, makes this spoof of the Broadway classic tough to sit through, but a talented cast of seasoned Adult stars does their best.

    The proven acting ability of talent like Shanna McCullough, Nina Hartley and Mike Hornef shine through the sludge of Cash Markman's low-brow script. It concerns auditioning the lead role of "My Bare Lady", and the antics of stage star Shanna and her diction coach Horner. Cast bursts into song, briefly thank God, parodying the lyrics of the hit musical, and there's endless double entendres and sniggering attempts at low humor.

    Throughout, Scotty Fox has static stagings of the cast delivering tons of dialog, merely proving these stars are capable of same. Shanna sings off-key but is predictably hot in her sex scenes while Hartley is delightful portraying the real thing, a Lower East Side version of cockney.

    Just one more example of a lousy Adult movie that wins phony industry awards.