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  • Jim Enright and Jace Rocker had a string of hit comedies in the VHS era, and this sequel demonstrates the entertainment value that went hand in hand with explicit sex back in the day, lost now that pornographers are lock-step in a wall-to-wall sex format.

    Jonathan Morgan and Tony Tedeschi have a great deal of fun playing small-time characters in the vaudeville industry, basing their characters largely on Groucho Marx and Chico Marx respectively. Story is about putting on a show, with Ron Jeremy far less impressive in his portrayal of the bad guy. Shyla Foxxx is terrific as the Latina bombshell, at one point sporting a colorful Carmen Miranda get-up and guest star Veronica Hart is a treat in one of those ancient roles like Margaret Dumont used to play in the Marx Bros. pictures.

    Okay, it's no "Duck Soup" but quite a pleasant diversion in the Adult genre.