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  • Reissued as part of a John Holmes tribute series, "Treasure Box" quickly sank back into the morass of low-impact '80s Adult videos, representative of a time period when video store demand created a vast outpouring of no-effort titles. It's easily confused with, due to title similarity, a far superior Cristy Canyon vehicle of the time "Treasure Chest".

    Star status in this one is spread among a team of sweet young things, typical '80s jail-bait lineup. It's about a couple of lunks out bass fishing who hook instead a cup filled with gold coins. Theme is greed, as between perfunctory sex scenes the boys are out scuba diving looking for more loot.

    Patti Rhodes' sloppy production has a crucial scene missing near the end, where the boys have supposedly retrieved a huge treasure chest from the lake. Video marches on with a stupid twist to the story, and everything resolved via a dull orgy. The treasure box is never opened.

    Holmes is merely a guest star, bringing his big limp dick to the party. Best thing about this loser is its brevity, running barely over an hour.