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  • You ever watch something that you thought was so bad, that for some reason, you couldn't stop watching? It's why we like B-Movies, and just about everything that Aaron Spelling can throw at us. It's also why Undressed is so good to watch. It has 3 simultaneous storylines of different people in relationships, and it's not always completely heterosexual. While most of the time its completely unrealistic (if I myself was getting as much action as the people on this, I wouldn't be watching!), and it has everything that makes it such a bad drama/soap opera (and typical MTV drivel) of bad acting, bad storyline, and cheap 2nd rate actors. It's fun to watch the predictability of the whole episode. This is also what keeps it interesting, as each situation lasts a few episodes, and you just pant out loud wanting to see what's going to happen next. Just when it ends for one story, another starts up in its place. This is something the 16-28 year old audience can watch and relate, maybe for a present relationship, or something that's happened in the past to them.
  • shrek00612 April 2003
    Undressed is one of my favorite shows on tv. I just saw most of season 6 in the summer. The storylines are sexy and insane at times. The show doesn't take itself seriously and its really hilarious. This show is perfect for teens who are sick of slow boring soaps where nothing happens and the characters look serious at each other for a whole minute into it slowly fades into a commercial. Even the opening song title with the bubbles is cool. If this sounds appealing then you might like it. If your offended by people undressed often then I suggest something else.
  • The phrase "guilty pleasure" doesn't even begin to describe the late-night MTV show "Undressed", a horny and very kinky show about young, hot and very horny character's various sexual escapades. Given, as an American basic-cable program nothing got too explicit, but the show crammed in as many elaborate sexual situations and fresh young flesh that was permitted. (Some of that Young flesh included the O.C's Adam Brody, Brandon Routh from the ill-fated Superman reboot and, I'm not freakin' kidding about this, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks).

    In some ways I can't say the show was bad. The glossy look showed technical professionalism, and it did have some unusually creative set-ups to it's strictly libido-minded agenda, if never at all believable. It was also more diverse than other like-minded shows, with some topics dealing with the modern homosexual plight and the troubles of inter-racial dating. Though not they really dealt with those issues in a honest or realistic fashion. "Lord of the Rings" was closer to real-life than this. For all it's mock seriousness, it was ultimately extremely exploitive and very juvenile, busy but one-dimensional. None of it's elaborate scenarios led to anything particularly insightful.

    However, you can't say it didn't know it's target demographic well. the show was solely populated by people in the sixteen-to-twenty-five age range, all extremely nubile and with only one thing on the mind: sex, sex and more sex, in all it's various forms. Even the class geeks and mousy bookworms we're all very attractive and well-sexed. And it certainly bridged the gender gap by having both it's hunks and babes frequently strip down to their skivvies. Parents, tastemakers and homophobes could all be deeply offended.

    Perhaps it would've worked better on the stage. Given the histronic (actually I would just call it monotone) delivery of the actors to the mostly sterile sets where the outside world ceased to exist, it all felt rather silly and a bit uncomfortable on screen. I kept waiting for the laugh track was going to kick in (and some moments definitely deserved one).

    All in all, it was a pointless and exploitive experiment, essentially PG-13 porn/soap opera hybrid trying to play naught, but not surprisingly it was a remarkably addictive little pill of a show. You might have never gone out of your way to watch one of it's frequent marathons, but when you did come across it late one night you never changed the channel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    UNDRESSED. One of biggest surprises to come from MTV. A hybrid of soap-opera and sit-com, the show chronicles patterns of support and neglect in the relationships of late teens and early 20-somethings as they discover love and sex, and often accept responsibility for their mistakes.

    Showcasing a variety of issues involving sex and dating: sexual attraction, sexual intercourse, racial relations, sexually-transmitted diseases, homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation, promiscuity, pregnancy, pornography, sexual discrimination, copulation, prophylactic, marriage, and abstinence (to name a few).

    There is a great deal of humor to be found in the situations portrayed nightly on the show. For example, a couple is enjoying sex but run into an issue when they realize their sexual activity might be holding them back from communicating with each other. For fear that when they one day cannot enjoy sex, they won't enjoy each other's company... the couple breaks up (following a sordid affair involving a leather-clad exhibitionist babysitter cracking a whip).

    Or, a gay couple where one partner is concerned his lover might be fantasizing about women (only after he stumbles upon a stash of straight pornographic magazines). As he discovers his lover was only lusting after a former boyfriend who appeared in the magazines, his concerns shift to his lover's feelings on the boyfriend. Well, the lover puts his past with his old boyfriend behind him only to find out that his partner, who coerced him into being proud of his sexuality, had neglected to inform his older brother that he was gay. BAM! Bro shows up for a visit and brings along an attractive friend. We discover that the older brother is gay as well and that his friend is really his boyfriend. The two boyfriends then hook-up and form a plan to force the brothers into exposing their true sexuality by getting too friendly and attempting to make the brothers jealous of each other. After a lot of kiss-and-tell pairing, the two brothers confront each other and bury the odds.

    Terminally trashed by porn-loving perverts over the net for not showing any sexual activity, this show an often exciting and outrageously hilarious romp through the battlefields of love and playgrounds of sex.
  • I have seen tons of undressed episodes, and i think that as a teenager, having a show that can explore so many different sexual inuendos is incredible. It is a great summer show to watch and can be very well written with really good music, and good characters.
  • Okay, as far as I can see, most of these comments are on the morality or lack thereof of this show and the utter lack of acting talent. While I fully support anyone who questions the credibility of this show or questions the ability of the actors and actresses to act, I do not agree that this show is something horribly immoral and wrong. Morals are relative, not clearly defined by one person. Sex isn't illegal, and many people question their sexuality and experiment at some point in their lives. MTV has in fact abandoned playing music most of the time, but as most people know this, they should refrain from watching it unless they want to see something that's not music. Also, if teenage sex and homosexuality/sexual experimentation is something that bothers you or offends your morals, don't watch MTV (most of the time) or this show. However, those of us who don't care much about the educational value of a TV show (it rots all of our brains anyway) or the blatant sex (non-nudity) can watch this show all we want. Not all shows have to serve a purpose. Sometimes they just are. And this one is pretty darn fun to watch.
  • HouTex-22 November 2000
    I had heard about "Undressed" from other cable channels, but had not sat down & watched it until recently. To me, this is an ideal soap for the high school & college age since all the characters are of that age group. They show enough skin to keep the viewer interested, & you find yourself talking to the characters. I only watched three episodes & I found myself trying to tell a character what to do. Unfortunately, MTV pulls the plug on a lot of interesting programs once when they seem to getting steam. Look at "Remote Control," & "Singled Out."
  • I don't know where or when I started watching this show, but I did. Granted, some of the situations are a tad unbelievable, and the characters aren't upstanding moral pillars. But still, one can find fun in predicting the next turns of events in the plot. As others have said, it's addicting.. .when they have Undressed marathons, I can sit and watch it for hours. Maybe that's a sign I lead a sad life. Some have questioned the format. As far as I can tell, they do run three unrelated plots with people in High School, College, and beyond college. As soon as one plot line "resolves" (meaning that a couple has settled into a secure relationship, or broken up permanently), it ceases, and a new storyline for that age group begins. These stories can vary in length. And also, as far as I can tell, the show is written by the actors, lending hints of low budget production as well originality. I wouldn't say it's entirely accurate (i.e., there's no unisex bathrooms or hot girls throwing themselves at guys (not me, anyway) at my dorm), but it's at least worth watching for the hot chicks (and presumably, hot guys).
  • Network: MTV; Genre: guilty pleasure; Average Content Rating: TV-14 (for strong sexual content and suggested sex involving teens); Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

    Season Reviewed: Complete Series (6 seasons)

    There are few TV experiences I've had that match the surrealism of MTV's 'Undressed'. It's really a strange and unique case of a mountain of wrongs somehow making a right. Like most TV it is about sex but unlike most TV it is also about nothing more than sex. If you want mindless, escapist trash - this is the place to come. Although, if you hear someone say that 'Undressed' is a great drama with great stories that are "true to life" - run. Far away. There is nothing real about this show, but that is what makes it so shamefully delicious.

    'Undressed' is an anthology series that peaks in on the sex lives of high school, college and young adults in a format that brings the show around once a day - like a soap opera - but has no permanent cast, oscillating us between a group of kids for 4 or 5 episodes and then dispenses with those characters, never to be seen again, for another story. Playing like a toned down version of "Compromising Situations", the stories are about all manner of sexual inclinations, deviations and corny, soft core fantasy scenarios.

    Labeling it a "drama" makes it seem as if creator Roland Joffe ('The Killing Fields') and his crew actually think they are doing something of substance. But 'Undressed' has absolutely no recognizable personality of it's own making it impossible to know what exactly their goal with this show is. Most of the time it is silly, playful and hollow. Sometimes it even seems to be a mocking parody of soap operas and sex-obsessed teen angst dramas. Either way if anybody is taking it seriously the joke is on them. The show rides this fence mysteriously all the way until the 6th and final season when it falls of and just becomes an insufferable, self-important drama. However, for much of this run, if you're willing to not take it and yourself seriously, (and possibly admit that a "guilty pleasure" is a sub-genera all to its own) "Undressed" may become a nasty, embarrassing addiction. An addiction you'll hide from everyone out of fear of being exposed as not the intellectual connoisseur of entertainment that you'd like everyone to think you are.

    "Undressed" works, most likely in spite of itself, because it serves a purpose that teen angst dramas, soap operas and other so-called network wish-fulfillment shows are to full of themselves to. It dispenses with tangled plots and manufactured drama and the standard who-will-be-with-who scenarios and just cuts to the chase. Thanks to that simultaneous 3-story style, it can cut to that chase over and over. At any given moment, if someone isn't having sex they are either about to have it, or are talking about it. Literally, people. The show drops the pretension to be anything more than the trash that it is. No wasting time with character development or stories or messages or banal conflicts as if knowing these are a waste of time when the audience just wants a little cathartic entertainment. It is absolutely jaw-dropping and as unbelievable as this all may be, I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it.

    'Undressed' is out-in-the-open exploitation, where the actors soul purpose is to look good in their underwear. When they do, it works. When they don't, in much of the 6th season, it doesn't. The show really benefits, probably unknowingly, from network boundaries that keep it restrained. What it lacks in nudity and actual sex, it makes up for with the simple cinematic fact that insinuating something and letting our imagination do the work can be infinitely sexier than the monotony of premium cable porn. As a result it serves as a cathartic medium somewhere between the guilty pleasure failings of "Friends" and a late nigh Cinemax series.

    That is why this show is so easily criticized. It proclaims itself in big bold letters to be things that the average network sitcom does, in fact relies on, but doesn't have the guts to admit, instead going using "safer", acceptable methods. Instead of subversively insinuating to teenagers that they need to find someone or have sex in order to be happy wrapped in a real-world scenario and false hyperbole about love (a la 'Friends'), 'Undressed' busts the typical TV pretension with love and depicts sex and any manner of getting it with such a cartoonish lunacy there is no possible way to take any of it seriously. It is an unbelievable, trashy and audacious - it is exactly what a guilty pleasure should be.

    The show aims very low and mines every possible avenue of it's "subject" bone dry. The stories aren't the slightest bit creative (and more often flat-out stupid), the writing is amateurish and the acting is worse. By all the numbers the show is a total technical and creative disaster. But it does everything that it does with such enthusiasm and gung-ho shamelessness. And you know something else: its cheapness actually contributes to the half-assed late-night fantasy charm of it all. The whole production is high camp as good as it comes. Any show aspiring to be a guilty pleasure in the future should use this as the blueprint to springboard from.

    'Undressed' is so bad it actually manages to cycle all the way back to good and is so stupid that it shouldn't do any harm to those with half a brain. And those that do have a brain, might find themselves turning it off for 30 minutes to escape into this addictive fantasy land. Before returning to a real show, of course.

    * * * ½ / 4
  • shrek00612 April 2003
    Undressed is one of my favorite shows on tv. I just saw most of season 6 in the summer. The storylines are sexy and insane at times. The show doesnt take itself seriously and its really hilarious. This show is perfect for teens who are sick of slow boring soaps where nothing happens and the characters look serious at each other for a whole minute into it slowly fades into a commercial. Even the opening song title with the bubbles is cool. If you this sounds appealing then you might like it. If your offended by people undressed often then I suggest something else.
  • For a show with no nudity, it manages to bust all of the television taboos except one. That's right, nobody who is even an ounce overweight need apply. You can have sex with a different race, different religion, same sex, different morals, but you can't have sex with a chubby, much less a fatty. That would be too taboo even for them.

    As for the quality of the show: Acting is Bad, The Writing is bad, and the plots revolve around stupidity and misinformation. Nobody with any taste would watch it. I tune in frequently.
  • Whenever I watch this show, the story is harder to follow than Strom Thurman on two bottles of a little brown jug of nyquil. Sometimes it can be entertaining, but often it is ridiculous. Also, there is featured MTV music in every single scene. I don't know about you, but sometimes music can be good, but when It's overdone, the effect is sadly sucky. Not too great of a show to watch, unless you and your girlfriend want some ideas (though not too bright ones). C-
  • I mean come on even before this show was started ppl were still sleepin around so don't start that bull about this show promoting it. i mean the show wasn't exactly nasty. i mean they didn't show they ppls private body parts. This show was not a bad show. I watched the last season and yes i do agree that in really life u not gonna see 20 college students come out the closet at one time. But the season wasn't bad. i kina just liked to watch the segments to see what would happen with those people. It basically was a show with 3 segments about people and their sexual relations(high school students, college students and post college) I mean hey ppl have sex face the fact. The older seasons were better. i give it about a 8/10.
  • This show is a tacky, terribly written and directed, abysmally acted, and pretty mild (considering the sexual innuendo) piece of sleaze. Each episode revolves around one thing and one thing only: how to get two attractive actors who (as somebody said in an earlier review) resemble porn stars rather than legitimate thespians out of their clothes and into the sack without actually showing anything. Every once in a while the heavy petting that results will involve spreading food over their bodies, but never on any area that would actually lead to any frenzied bodily reaction.

    Also, since this is MTV, the "with-it" network, some of the storylines involve gay couples, but with equally tawdry results. The fun with these episodes actually comes with watching how comfortable these non-actors are with their on-screen gay personas. One episode I remember involved two gay teens, one of who has written a "prize-winning" play (which in rehearsal is even worse than the episode it is contained in) outing his in-the-closet boyfriend which is to be performed in front of the entire school with the gay playwrite's sister's boyfriend playing opposite him in a kissing scene. (Yeah, right.) The boyfriend spends the whole time moaning about having to "kiss a guy," while the playwrite's boyfriend has the nerve to be offended about being outed against his will! Will the playwrite submit to his boyfriend's demand to change the play and therefore compromise his "artistry." Do we care? Of course not. The reason I'm even bringing this up is that the entertaining part of the whole episode was watching the two "gay" teens, who had no chemistry whatsoever and seemed totally ill at ease within ten feet of each other while the sister's boyfriend and playwrite had tons more chemistry and made a more convincing couple!

    But enough! I've spent more time on this dreck than I need to. I can only hope that this show stays on the air for a long time to come. Why? Because as long as it airs, I'll always be able to get to sleep. Grade: D Incidentally, this show is executive produced by Roland Joffe, who if I am not mistaken in the '80's gained two Academy Award nominations for directing two terrific films: "The Mission" and "The Killing Fields." How far the great ones sometimes fall!
  • This show is awesome- my friend got me into watching it. It's a show that shows the sex lives of various people - and theres new characters every week. If you like MTV and are 14+ this show is for you. It's really good.
  • I wish this show was on when I was in H.S and College. I think it's great! There are so few real-life like portrayals of what life is like during the teen years; It's all about new experiences, decisions, and keeping relationships. Personally, I feel the show and actors/actresses are getting a bad rap from the public (particularly Nichole Hawkyard - Plays Claire) and I hope the show stays on for a long time... I wish MTV would advertise more so people know about it!
  • This show is what the 17-24yo crowd has been waiting on. I think after all the sissy Dawson Dweebs and Buffy Bleeders we finally have a show that portrays real situations. Not how to slay your principal or direct a crappy movie after gym-class. I believe that the one thing this show has that others do not is beleivablity. If thats not an ingrediant needed to make a show rise then I don't know what is!
  • I absolutely adore this show. I have been addicted ever since it began a couple of weeks ago. Personally my favorites are Cliff, Brian, Emma, and Rory. Even though Kiki is a bitch I find her enjoyable as well. I'd just like to say that I think the rest of the cast should be acknowledged for their participation in it's greatness. This is a great show watch it weekdays at 11:00pm on MTV.
  • Yup. This show is full of all kinds of sexual behaviour. The plots are shallow too. But this show is sooooooooooooooo addicting!! It has funny sexual humor. You just keep wanting to find out what's gonna happen next. If you just wanna be entertained but not moved in any way, this is the show. It's no "Dawson's Creek" but it's still entertainment!
  • Undressed is now my second favorite show ever following just behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The acting is very good and the writing is superb, it all works together very well. Again, I really enjoyed the actors, especially the women portraying Katie (can't remember the actress), Emma (Suzanne Davis), Kiki (Sommer Knight), and Gina (Mimi Rose). I was also very impressed by Bryce Johnson who played Cliff in the second week. All I can say is I encourage you to watch this show and I hope MTV goes beyond it's original 6 week run.
  • reesew2316 August 1999
    I think it is very good, even though it has been getting some bad reviews. I think all the actors in it are pretty good at two favorites are Emma (Suzanne Davis) and Brian (Matthew Carey). I would like to see more info. on it soon!!

    Ashley, Reese Witherspoon's #1 fan
  • i began watching this show at its premier three years ago. i was bored one saturday night so i figured i'd give it a shot. i was immediately entranced by the true-to-life story lines. granted some of them got a little silly (like the blind story line and the bi-twins), but on the whole it really portrays the sexual lives of teens and college students very well. reading some of the earlier posts, i find it amusing 'cause you can guess the ages of everyone by they're attitude towards the show. if you're out of the 17-25 y/o demographic, you're just not gonna get it. i especially love this season, 'cause there is a decent lesbian plot. (although emma and brian were adorable! how could you not find that sock puppet amusing?)
  • Not real good. I watched three episodes one night. Not the worst, but I have no idea how old these kids are seems like they go from highschoolers to college to mid twenties. Some of the subject and plot are weak. It is entertaining for a bit though. One really hot blonde(plays Liz) but the rest of the women are not up to her par.

    In summary, don't plan your day around this one, but don't be so quick to switch either
  • Even though the second season of Undressed has premiered, I still miss the first cast from year one. The show in it's second run is not bad, in fact it looks as good as ever. I just can not believe that MTV dumped all original story lines. I think Eyal Podell and crew need to make a return, even if it is a short one, and pop up somewhere in Undressed.
  • I really enjoy the MTV original show "Undressed" and as a teenager, find most of the subject matter incredibly honest and real. The storylines are all about sex, love and relationships, but they avoid being preachy and boring. The plots involving Liz and the Fearsome Foursome were my personal favorites, but on a whole the show is intriguing and much fresher than a lot of the other washed up, old sitcoms on television.
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