• 75
    Jack Mathews New York Daily News
    It provides the first genuine laughs I've had at the movies in this young year.
  • 70
    Sean Means Film.com
    A funny, frenetic and surprising comedy.
  • 60
    F. X. Feeney L.A. Weekly
    Well-tuned wisecracks and clever plot twists.
  • 50
    Richard Schickel Time
    You're entitled to ask for more than that in a comedy, but these days you're often obliged to settle for a lot less.
  • 50
    A.O. Scott The New York Times
    Underwhelming, amusing only in fits and starts.
  • 50
    Paula Nechak Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    A pedestrian movie with a predictable romance at its heart.
  • 50
    Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
    Wacky and heartless, bloody and silly -- and it ends in a flourish of grotesque sentimentality.
  • 50
    Mike Clark USA Today
    A comedy without much zing but with an occasional zing-er that enables the film to pick up . . . well, if not nine yards, maybe an inch or two on the gridiron.
  • 40
    Lisa Alspector Chicago Reader
    Bruce Willis's marvelous performance as a contract killer only makes everything else about this comedy seem more pathetic.
  • 30
    Andrew O'Hehir Salon
    Stupid, empty and -- worst of all -- fantastically boring.