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  • Okay, here's the plot. Hey, wait . . . there isn't one. Pirates have captured some nubile young women. They take them to their hideaway for some sex. Thar She Blows! Literally. Captain Hips is the leader of this band of Merry Men. But "Captain Hips" is a girl who looks like she just got out of high school. She sure ain't no ordinary pirate. Anyway, it's commendable the characters in this movie are at least wearing pirate costumes considering the budget was probably a hundred bucks and a free lunch for the cast after screwing around all morning. And the movie looks like it really was filmed on a beach. So those are good points. This only runs about 55 minutes. The VCX catalog number of this is #B104 should you wish to take up the challenge of trying to find it.

    Tally Ho!