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  • I have a very vague memory of this film, as I watched it about 10 years ago in Oradea, Ro. It brings out the "mahala" atmosphere of the Bucharest gettos after the 1989 revolution. The whole movie is a sad, sad satire of Bucharest getto natives' attitude towards life, society.

    Horatiu Malaiele plays a tire repairman who is a degenerate alcoholic on a very steep social/financial downslope, facing a divorce, etc. The movie contains a miriad of gross scenes, would easily be rated NC-17 in America. This is a window on the post - December mahala reality of the Romanian capitol. Definitely eye-opening to those unaware of that reality. Otherwise plain gross and very very objective. I reccomend watching this movie if you're 40 or more years of age and have some tights in the Balcans, especially if you're an ex political reffugee.