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  • CADEBERT27 September 2006
    I lived in Tyler, Texas, when this movie was filmed in nearby San Augustine and there was a "Premiere" in Tyler when it was released. I saw it during its run in Tyler and LOVED IT. I loved the story, the actors (some very WELL KNOWN actors!), the scenery -- everything. I think the writer/main character was a college professor in the Dallas area and the producers/backers were some businessmen in the Dallas area (according to our newspaper). I never understood why it was not released for sale or rental because there are many small town/independent/small budget movies that were. (Also could not understand why Ned Beatty and Barbara Barrie weren't listing the film in their "filmography".) I searched for this movie for years and have seen several comments on message boards from others like me. I thought sure it would end up on one of the movie channels on television. If anyone involved in making this movie has a copy and can get legal permission to make a copy for me....even if it has to have "preview" or "not for sale" running along the bottom of the film....I will be the first in line for the copy.
  • mm214720 January 2005
    This movie was filmed in the town where I live. I say a "preview" after it was finished as my dad was a "extra" as well a lot of others. I have searched over and over to try to find a company that bought the rights and sell VCR or DVD of it. I would love to buy it. Dee Law was excellent and the story was very moving. Set in a fairly distant past.

    It was amazing to see how our little town was transformed (without too much effort) to show, I think the early 1900 to 1920 era in rural America. It is a love story and with it comes family feelings and emotions. I think it would be typical of many of the families during that time to act and react the way the characters in the movie did. It would be especially good for young couples to see as they would really appreciate the emotions the main characters were expressing.
  • I remember when this film was made in San Augustine Texas. My Father and I along with my 5 year old twin boys went to the auditions. My Dad was chosen to be a stand in for Ned Beatty. They are exactly the same height and build, so Dad would stand in for all of Mr. Beatty's close up scenes to get the lighting just right. He also was in the crowd scenes at the Rusk State Railroad in Mayberry. When the movie first came out for all the locals to see, it was called "The Passage" and was shown at the SFA Theater in Nacogdoches, TX. I have searched for this movie for many years with no luck. Was not aware that the name had been changed. I could not find any of the Stars credited with this movie. So glad I found it and can't wait to watch it again with my Dad, and to show it to my now grown kids!!!
  • In Japan this movie has not released in movie theaters, but VHS of this movie was put on sale in 1990.

    The English title of this movie in Japan: The Passage

    I bought it from the seller on a Japanese auction website.

    I love this movie.

    All casts are brilliant, especially Brian Keith.

    According to the notes on the videotape case, Dee Law is an ex-model for "Vogue".

    If you are looking for this movie, go to Japanese auction websites.

    Good luck!
  • online-1306 September 2009
    I remember seeing this film as a teenager, also in Tyler, Texas. I didn't realize where it was filmed and therefore never understood why no-one that I asked had ever heard of this movie! Over the years, I'd forgotten how many well-known actors were involved with this film. My mother and I searched for it for years in rental shops and video catalogs before finally giving up. We've still talked about it from time to time, just to reassure ourselves that it did in fact exist. I'm happy to finally see a reference to this movie somewhere. I hope to get to view it again someday. It was a beautiful film and should be re-released in some fashion.