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  • The acting especially delivered by Jennifer Tilly is surprisingly very good. The plot is rather disturbing but still enjoyable. There are many thrilling moments especially dealing with Tilly's rather psychotic character. All in all it's quite an entertainment, better than what we expected, since we had nothing to do and decided to watch this at the cinema and found out that it's a suspense Stephen King type of movie.

    The story line is about two couple dying to have a baby of their own and tangled in a rather mad confrontation which include kidnapping and murders with a rather interesting background. But i think you better watch this at home...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The makers of this movie had to really stretch to make this work. Some things that bugged my partner and I about it: Anne tries to flag down a driver on a lonely country road and the driver DOES NOT STOP! Absurd given the part of the world she is in. Of course they would stop! Also, the doctor doesn't report the suspicious pregnant woman? The diaper service lady doesn't gossip? The husband is brushing his teeth and just stands there half listening to the answering machine? "Gee, that sort of sounds like my wife. I'd better just stand right here and half listen to it just in case it isn't. . . " The detective doesn't believe him and hangs up? And the director had to make sure that for some strange reason Anne's chains were abnormally long or the last scene just wouldn't work. Also, how is it that after all the beating and starving and drugging that the baby would be normal? It was just stretch after stretch after stretch. You get tired of shouting: "Oh, come ON!" after awhile. I loved Tilly in Bullets Over Broadway, but she's trying way too hard.
  • From the outset, 'Hide and Seek' promises more than it can deliver, and left me not only disappointed, but also a little disturbed.

    It storms straight into the story with Anne (Hannah) kidnapped by an intruder. With a series of flashbacks we are told that she was expecting a child, only to be informed at the hospital that she has made a mistake and is, in fact, not pregnant. It transpires that the guy doing the tests is the kidnapper, and he and his wife plan to hold Anne captive throughout her pregnancy, ultimately killing her and keeping the baby as their own.

    There is a glimmer of an original idea behind this, but it is so badly executed that after about 45 minutes it really begins to drag. Obviously, the comparisons to 'Misery' are expected, but if you thought Kathy Bates' performance was over the top, wait until you see Jennifer Tilly! - not so much a woman on the edge, more like 200 miles over it! She sounds like a demented 'Mickey Mouse' (check out the bedroom scene, she even has the ears!) and grows ever more unbelievable, swinging from charming host to psycho killer in a flash. But this show degenerates into farce, particularly in the scene with the 'diaper service'. I was in hysterics! A totally unbelievable character, and therefore lacking in any malice, and providing no suspense whatsoever. The rest of the movie is full of such glaring plotholes that it comes across like a cheesy TV movie, with the whole idea leaving a nasty taste.

    Watch it for Tilly if nothing else. You won't forget it!!
  • ....and that in most part is due to Jennifer Tilly's wildly exaggerated performance - but then she's so hot anyway, check out "Bullets Over Broadway" - she rules. She does what she can (and much more) with a clumsily written character, and so does Gallo. The presence of Bruce Greenwood adds a cheap telemovie feel to this, while Hannah does reasonably well. The story is basically a new go at "Rosemary's Baby" without witchcraft but with syringes, and there's a more than a passing industrial nod to "Misery" and many other better flicks. The film bleeds to its expected end with no particular surprises or excitement. Still, watch it for Jenny....and root for her, she deserves the goddamn baby.
  • This is the story of a couple's quest to have a baby gone awry, I thought it was brilliant. Daryl Hannah's performance as Anne was wonderful, Jennifer Tilly was her usual brilliantly quirky insane self. I was rivotted to the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. If you haven't seen this movie yet, it is worth renting.
  • There were times during the movie I wish I had been beat to death. The only reason I endured the entirety of the movie was because I couldn't believe how bad it really was and thought it must get better. This truly was a horror film. I was horrified that I wasted what seemed like 4 hours of my life that I will never get back. The other two hours I spent mourning at the loss. Please recommend this movie to whomever you wish to torture and tell them the suspense will kill them.
  • Rick-24525 September 2000
    I picked this up because: 1- it appeared to be a suspense movie and 2- starred a name actress (Darryl Hannah). Reading the synopsis on the box in the store, it sounded like an interesting plot but I was a little hesitant about renting it as there were absolutely NO quotes on the box from any reviewers. Getting it home and pressing "play" on my DVD player surprisingly resulted in almost immediate action and involvement in the story- it wastes no time at all getting into the suspense. The most obvious comparison in the storyline is with the movie "Misery" but that's not to say this is a rip-off of that film or unworthy of renting (or buying) because of the similarities. This is every bit as good as that film or better and the acting by the major players- especially Hannah and her kidnappers- is first-rate all the way. Don't hesitate to check this one out- it's the best-kept suspense movie secret this year.
  • I'm glad some people liked this, but I hated this film. It had a very good idea for a story line, but that's where it ended. It was badly written, badly acted and badly made.

    It had some interesting plot points, but they were just skipped over too fast, the writers needed to realize what to keep in and expand on these bits, like lying about why she was kidnapped, and ditch the dross. Instead it was "what's going on?", 5 seconds later they tell you.

    This film had no suspense, and I was bored from start to end. I just wanted it to finish.

    Go and rent misery, or best laid plans if you want suspense or twists that keep you guessing to the end.
  • I thought this movie was called "Hide and Seek". I saw this at a party with all my friends and it freaked me out! I had no idea what it was about before we watched it, but I understood it completely. I couldn't sleep that night (luckily it was a sleepover). All the actors do a great job; especially Jennifer Tilly's character Helen; you just want her to die by the time the movie nears an end. This is a must see movie for people who love suspense. There are a few gory spots, but if you are an anti blood person, you can probably handle this. I am not a scary movie person, but even for me this was super good! You will never get bored during the film because you want to see the end!
  • It is not often I watch a film that is as dreadful as this one. I continued to watch, every minute hoping that this was intended as a joke only to find it was meant to be taken seriously. Well, as seriously as this genre requests.

    The acting was disgraceful and the situations horribly contrived and clichéd. If a film was made in 1920 (for example) and had the quality of Hide & Seek (Cord) in its direction we would think that cinema back then was naive. As it happens, this film was made in 2000 and I have yet to see a film from the silent era that has as little charm as this one.

    Definitely not for the serious movie-goer.

    [Not worth a rating]
  • Yes, this film is very " Misery", but, despite showing promise as portraying a weird, nightmarish situation, loses all credibility by not being logical, creating situations that remain unbelievable. The performances by the two actors playing the mad couple are excellent, but the story begins to become laughable and towards the end I lost all belief in the reality of the action and therefore couldn't enjoy the film at all...
  • lori-117 July 2002
    On Monday I had acquired a box of DVDs from and auction. While looking at the selection I found this direct to video gem and decided to give it a try. Boy what a big surprise. The films story revolves around a couple who kidnap a woman so she can have their baby. Sure it sounds like you have seen it before,but this film has so many twists and turns that you don't know when to get sick or pass out. The score is perfect for this film and Jennifer Tilly is insane. So if you love a good thriller you will love Hide and Seek AKA Cord.
  • Anne White is sleeping peacefully in a large and fabulous modern house (not my taste, but obviously expensive) while her husband Jack is apparently away on business. Her sleep is disturbed by intruders. The next day, she finds herself chained to a bed in a farmhouse, still wearing the tiny red nightie which looks more appropriate for Valentine's Day with her husband than for a night alone. I should mention that even though she changes nightgowns several times, Anne always manages to show off her legs, except in several outdoor scenes in winter.

    Frank and Helen want to have a baby, but for some reason they can't. It turns out that Anne is having their baby.

    Frank works in a clinic where a woman is told she is not pregnant, even though she is vomiting and has had several positive pregnancy tests. Back at the farmhouse, he calmly explains the situation to Anne, and even seems to show her concern, though he will discipline her if she misbehaves, and he often tortures her for the good of the baby (force-feeding her the right foods, for example). Sometimes he and Helen threaten her life, but then how would they have they baby?

    Helen is all excited, and she is enjoying pretending to be pregnant. She even goes so far as to wear a pillow under maternity clothes, just for appearances.

    Jack returns home to the horrifying news that his wife's car has gone off a cliff and burned, and the body inside cannot be identified. Without absolute proof, he refuses to believe Anne is dead. There are clues that he may be right.

    The real reason to watch here is Jennifer Tilly. Her often humorous portrayal of the perky but neurotic Helen reminded me of Kitty on "That 70s Show" and Rose on "Two and a Half Men" (which I watch), and Karen on "Will and Grace" (which I don't). Sometimes Helen was calm, if not completely all there, and sometimes she went completely over the edge. She was a real delight to watch.

    Vincent Gallo gave a careful portrayal of the ethically challenged medical professional, often trying to remain pleasant and concerned except when something really exasperated him.

    Daryl Hannah did a capable job, moving from depressed to genuinely frightened to fighting like a demon. She did have at least one scene where she showed concern for her captors, though Anne could have been faking.

    Bruce Greenwood also did a good job in the scenes where he was grieving.

    I also need to single out Vanessa MaCrae, the Diaper Technician from Happy Bottoms. She reminded me of Frances McDormand's Marge in "Fargo", though I didn't like that particular character.

    I wouldn't really call this movie scary, though it did have the obligatory creepy music at times.

    The ending was exciting with lots of unexpected twists.

    I never wanted to see "Misery", by the way, because it seemed too scary. I think I enjoyed this version more than I would that movie.
  • This movie raises a number of pressing questions in my mind. Firstly, how has Jennifer Tilly managed to sustain a film acting career for all these years based on that ridiculous squeaky voice and the very limited range of hammy facial expressions she employs? Secondly... what on earth were the people responsible for making this offensive and deeply repulsive film thinking of? And thirdly... given that there were people perverted enough to decide to make dreck like this, shouldn't there have been someone in the system - the studio, the distributors, or somewhere - sane enough to prevent it actually getting completed and released. You really would have to search a very, very long way to turn up another movie as profoundly nasty as this... and it isn't even billed as a horror movie - which, inasmuch as it can be seen as belonging to any legitimate film genre, it certainly is. The movie wallows from beginning to end in the sickest kind of madness, violence and abuse, and has essentially no redeeming features at all. I'm not actually advocating censorship (which I don't believe in)... but I really can't see how anybody could conceivably draw anything positive from watching a film like this.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    "Frank! Frank! Want me to get the PUMP?" You'll be laughing but catching your breath during some scenes like this one since some of Jennifer Tilly's funniest lines are delivered during some very harrowing scenes, making Cord (U.S. DVD/video title HIDE AND SEEK) a vicious, exhausting, thrilling experience. It delivered a lot more than I went in expecting it to.

    Imagine the films Misery and Fargo getting criss-crossed! It takes a bit of work to make familiar material stand on its own, and this film does a wham-bang job of it. Daryl Hannah and Bruce Greenwood do the in-vitro fertilization procedure to get pregnant. In the meantime, Vince Gallo and Jennifer Tilly, also unable to have children, come up with a scheme to kidnap Daryl, fake her death so no one will look for her, and keep her chained in the basement until she delivers. With obvious nods to Misery, there are also beautifully calm, snowy landscape scenes scored just right to give a melancholy Fargo-esque feel. Some humor is apparent, but never gets to the Ruthless People level, this is indeed quite a serious thriller.

    Jennifer Tilly is of course impossible to consider as only a supporting actress in this film, she is wildly over the top and irresistible at the same time. She's great at playing characters that are a bit zany, so why not? I say kudos to Tilly! I would love to have lunch with her some day! Daryl Hannah plays the victim well, building to a level of hysteria I haven't seen since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Vince Gallo has a sad calm about him throughout that always makes him an interesting choice for characters he plays, balancing Jennifer Tilly's child-like, off-kilter behavior. Bruce Greenwood and his six-pack abs do a fine job, and in a nice surprise his character isn't portrayed as the big hero saving the day, but he finds little clues that give him the suspicion his wife is not actually dead as everyone believes.

    What's amazing is that just when you think things couldn't get any more excruciating or worse, they do, and THEN some! Some fake-outs and close calls keep the suspense going, even if at the climax we get a Misery/Friday The 13th "can't keep the killer down just yet" type of battle, but with the taut suspense and great performances, any little things to gripe about seem unimportant as this is intended as a wild ride and it definitely delivers that. My ONLY gripe: whose brilliant idea was it to put THE END right where we can obviously tell the film ends? It just seemed to take away something from the film. In some films putting the words THE END works alright, but just fading out like it did would have sufficed.

    It's pure fun! Those looking for some thrills, suspense, and especially Jennifer Tilly's nutsy fun will get a lot out of CORD/HIDE AND SEEK. While so many theatrical releases just come and go without causing a stir, people should seek out lesser known gems like this one for guaranteed entertainment. It's films like this one that have me seeking out more Canadian productions to enjoy.
  • ... and I have seen some bad ones.

    I have nothing good to say about this movie. The acting is poor by Jennifer Tilly - as to be expected. Daryl Hannah does an OK job, but nothing close to being able to save this movie.

    The biggest flaw in this film is that the plot is so weak - though based on a good premise - that the writer resorted to the "stupid heroine trick" to create a contrived suspense. When all Daryl Hannah would have to do is hide, she runs out in front of her pursuer. The hospital scene is absurd. Without exposing too much of what passes for a plot, I think it would be difficult for a bloody petite woman to carry a pregnant from a hospital without being noticed. Lame. Very lame.

    Save yourself some time and pick out another flick.
  • katlb9718 February 2003
    I have read the other comment about this movie, and usually I try not to be harsh in my criticisms because I try to be a nice person. However, this movie is one of the worst movies that I have EVER seen (And thats topping a lot of bad USA Network plus Cinemax nights.) Whoever thought of this movie needs to be prevented from EVER making another one. This film disgusted me in a way that no other film ever. I REALLY think these people are insane. Just save your time and do not watch this fllm. Please - I wish that I had. The acting is horrible, the plot (what plot) is STUPID and degrading and insane. I really do not think this should have been made into a movie. But that is my opinion, and I am trying to save you from wasting your time.
  • Its a weird, weird day when im thinking vincent gallo was the actor holding the movie together. jennifer tilly is at 5x oddball here, disturbingly uneven but occasionally brilliant. daryl hannah is a non-factor, a "name" actor who is just a vehicle for the terror. definitely not up to "splash" form. all in all, its an interesting story concept that wasnt executed as well as it couldve been, and a somewhat rare standout performance by post-"buffalo 66" gallo. no regrets on this watch
  • First, the title whether it is "Cord" or "Hide and Seek", is totally inadequate for a movie that is so over the top. I suggest "Mom and Dad Go Mad" as a reasonable substitute. Second, even though there are severe shortcomings in the logic department, example being the police buffoonery or hospital security, don't over analyze because it will make you crazy. Speaking of crazy, this is where the movie shines. Both Jennifer Tilly and Vincent Gallo, chew scenery, and this is the films undeniable strength. "Hide and Seek" can best be described as entertaining and unbelievable. Even if it doesn't all make sense, I recommend seeing this unusual, wonderful, "train wreck" of a movie. - MERK
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My husband accidentally picked up this movie instead of the "Hide and Seek" starring Robert DeNiro.

    We both enjoy thrillers, suspense and horror movies and the description of the movie sounded pretty good.

    It started off pretty well and had some promise but we were disappointed in the ending.

    There were a few things that didn't make sense.

    We didn't understand why the husband would call the fertility clinic to talk to the guy who worked there (who happened to be the kidnapper) to ask if he can remember anything about their visit there that might help him figure out what happened to her.

    Just didn't seem to make much sense to us!

    The kidnappers first lead Darryl Hannah's character into believing the egg used was the kidnapper's wife then later the kidnapper says it wasn't his wife's egg.

    Later on, the kidnapper wants to do an amniocentesis test - at that point we thought "oh oh, it's his sperm and he's worried the baby will have the genetic lobster hands and feet".

    What would have been a better ending would have been the baby being born and having the lobster hands and feet ... meaning the kidnapper's sperm had been used to artificially inseminate Darryl Hannah's character.

    If anything the movie was humorous ... at least Jennifer Tilly brought that to the movie. She's always kinda funny and quirky in most movies she's in. So if you're a Jennifer Tilly fan, this one is for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Still asking myself why I stayed up to watch this. I should have known it would have been crap, seen as though it was on channel 5 and 11pm!

    Its definately one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The acting was just funny, especially Jennifer Tilly, she simply tried too hard, and Daryl Hannah, who hardly speaks at all, couldn't save this flop!

    The plot was a joke, (*SPOILER*) especially when Daryl's husband stupidly went to the 'house of horrors' and was caught by he 'psycho' woman, plus the hospital scene, where the doctors stabbed in the neck, was just weird! So much more could have been done to make this film just that little bit scary, but unfortunately it was put in the can finished at only 25%.

    Don't watch this movie, it will be a complete waste of time!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being more a fan of films with fun, feisty storylines and happy endings--since, after all, who needs to pay full admission to feel depressed or frightened--I still like scary movies. They reveal our fears and suspicions, unfurl them before us like a full course buffet.

    Or maybe I should say, *good* scary movies achieve that effect.

    Broadcast as the Sunday Afternoon Movie on one of the local stations, "Cord" roped me in with its sheer awful-factor. How can you go wrong with a pregnant woman as your victim: Darryl Hannah, hair blond and long as the day. And whoa, doggy! Vile and wily Jennifer Tilly, squeak-vox tweaked to full freak volume.

    So, why did I think I was watching a movie made in the '80s? Surely such contrived plot points hobbling along under the crutch of cheap, titillating imagery couldn't be a product of the 2000s, riiight? Maybe it was just meant to be gore for the sake of gore, a portrait of terror like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"? Or, was this movie actually "based on real events"?

    Alas, such questions ask more than any participant in this tripe cared to posit to themselves. Any traces of gruesome realism in "Cord" are deflated by a natural reaction of nauseous indifference. And to find any entertainment value in a pregnant woman being tortured is to famously suck as a human being.

    Why didn't I buy it?

    Helpful hint, but potential it matters: If you are in a situation of severe distress and are able to reach a working phone, do not call a loved one with the hopes that they'll pick up. Dial 911, and let logic prevail over plain stupidity.
  • askxtine8 February 2004
    my god! i caught about half of this movie on sunday afternoon tv, and it is awful. jennifer tilly is just nuts. and not in the good way. way over acted. terrible plot. not creepy or scary at all, which a story about kidnapped pregnant lady should be. even vincent gallo who can be so creepy is just boring in this film. the ONLY way i can think of making this movie interesting would be to gather a bunch of friends and take a shot every time jennifer tilly screams in a supossed psycho fit. you'll be wasted by half time and can yell back to the screen.

    in other words: it's too bad to sit through.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie should not be taken seriously:it's kitsch terror ,Punch and Judy suspense :had John Waters directed a horror movie,this could have been this one ,Divine replacing Jennifer Tilly.

    That is to say that the movie owes everything to this actress and her co-star Gallo.A distant relative of Ida in "Motel Hell" (1980),Helene is hilarious: a complete bubble head girl ,singing silly ditties ,treating her victim as a big doll.What's really amazing is WHY Gallo's character -who is a scientist after all- could have married her!But the screenplay can spare an implausibility!Helene is almost a comic relief,and when she's with the poor soon-to-be mother,we do not know if we've got to be afraid or to laugh;never seen such an exasperating jailer!Matching her every step of the way is Vincent' Gallo's portrayal

    of her moody husband :too bad they cut the force-feeding sequence;I'm not so sure people would appreciate foie gras afterward.

    SPOILER SPOILER When Gallo dies,the movie falls apart.The strength -so to speak- of this gruesome farce was in their team.Tilly is left on her own to shout and screech and demolish and knock about -how she did it to Greenwood is another of the improbabilities- to no avail.Anyway,Greenwood's scenes reduce tension :obviously they did not interest the director at all.

    One is really tempted to give an extra notch for chutzpah value in the first hour.
  • It's hard to criticize this movie, because I dislike the story itself, and no amount of good acting would have saved it. Think "Raising Arizona" with a mean streak. The acting is passable, but Jennifer Tilly is way over the top (yet not enough to make this a nice camp film) as usual, coming in somewhere between "Misery" and a sarcastic DMV employee. The rest of the cast have their brows perpetually knitted in consternation, either from the stress of their parts or the stress of the whole futile exercise. A real degrading few hours of film. Darryl Hannah spends most of the movie weeping too hard to be understood. I wish I could tell you how it ended but I walked out, sorry.
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