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  • The Adult Cinema legend John Leslie was both on the creative decline and quite full of himself in this followup to his rather annoying "The Lecher". He lost a lot of good will with me after watching this one.

    We see Leslie slicking himself up in the mirror and then pontificating (as he did in the earlier video), this time not as an angry old coot, but rather vouching how this should be all-sex, not wasting any effort on cornball storytelling. So perhaps he had drunk the porn Kool Aid, and joined the 21st Century bias in favor of gonzo, wall-to-wall sex -yuck!

    John also blathers on about "strays", some mindless philosophical note that extends from sexy Adult actresses hanging out to even insulting Black talent like Mr. Marcus and Jake Steed sitting on a bench, waiting for the auteur to shut up and start rolling his camera.

    What he delivers is just that: Leslie's first-person camera sloppily shooting various babes having sex in ugly settings (those warehouse and industrial locations so popular in all-sex videos at the turn of this century, for example the slightly avant-garde approach of Black pornographer Alexander DeVoe). It all adds up to nothing, so the creeps at AVN gave Leslie a best director award -how insulting!