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  • lor_26 June 2022
    Title "White Trash" is merely a throwaway verbal reference as the name of a nightclub star Herschel Savage hopes to open. Movie is about a pair of unscrupulous realtors Savage and Sheri St. Claire, who try to sell a white elephant of a house to Tom Byron & Viper at an inflated price. Deal falls through, as Byron was only interested in using the place as a convenient spot for sex with his tattooed lady (Viper is billed as "Introducing" in this movie).

    A second couple comes along to buy the place: international druglord Field Marshal Bradley and Brittany Styker. F. B. Pays $1,300,000 in cash, handing over two full bags of moolah. Then the couples decide to swing for a hot foursome.

    Before that there was an improvised guest role for Ron Jeremy cast as a pool boy who humps Sherri, while Savage has a 3-way in the bathroom with Keisha and Mauvais de Noire.