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  • Ostensibly a romantic comedy about mistaken identity, this film stars Kitty Ting Hao in two roles, the first as poor flower girl Fangfang and rich relation of a family in Hong Kong, who arrived in Hong Kong to see if she can feel better with the warmer climate. She meets Xihong, played by Kelly Lai Chen, who is the son in the family in Hong Kong. He is, of course, smitten with her, but when the secret is out, will he still feel the same? Kitty, who was best known up to then as the younger sister in the Grace Chang film, the wonderful "Mambo Girl", does a good job here. She is pretty, has a bit of a playful nature and is able to carry the film. If you think you'd like this black and white slice of life from Hong Kong, it is definitely worth watching. It is also a testament to the sadness that Kitty left us so young, but this film is still fun to watch. They've made these kinds of films before and since, of course, but it is still fun and recommended.