Fred Flintstone: [looking over the edge of the balcony] I can't see the bottom with all this mist. Hey Barney, want to jump down and see how far it is?

Betty Rubble: [Fred thinks Wilma went to Betty and Barney's room] No, Fred, Wilma didn't come in here.

Fred Flintstone: That's funny, she's not in our room.

Barney Rubble: Well if she's not in your room and she's not in our room, where could she be?

Fred Flintstone: I don't know, Barn, she's gotta be somewhere in this creepy hotel.

Rockula: [waking up] Midnight already? How long have I been asleep?

Frankenstone: Five hundred years, Master.

Rockula: Five hundred years! Oh boy, did I oversleep, you should've awaken me four hundred years ago.

Fred Flintstone: [dressed as a chickenasaurous] I can feel it in my bones.

Wilma Flintstone: [laughing] Which bones, Fred, your drumsticks or your wing bones?

Rockula: You must be Fred Flintstone!

Fred Flintstone: Wait a minute pal, I'm not Flintstone, I'm the building inspector, that's all.

Rockula: You are who?

Fred Flintstone: The local building inspector.

Rockula: Why would a building inspector be rolling around inside of a barrel?

Fred Flintstone: Well you see, I'm also a local barrel inspector.

Rockula: You inspect buildings and barrels at 3 o' clock in the morning?

Fred Flintstone: Uh yeah well... moonlighting, that's what I'm doing, moonlighting, I have several jobs.

Rockula: Ridiculous! Do you take me for a fool? You are Fred Flintstone! Or should we put it this way, you WERE Fred Flintstone.

Fred Flintstone: I like the first way better.

Fred Flintstone: Why are those goons chasing us?

Wilma Flintstone: Because Rockula wants to make me his bride.

Fred Flintstone: [laughs] He can't marry a woman who's already got a husband.

Wilma Flintstone: He knows that, that's why he wants to make me a widow.

Fred Flintstone: Oh well that's a different story... wait a minute! A widow?

Betty Rubble: Where are we?

Barney Rubble: Looks like the basement.

Fred Flintstone: With those weirdoes running around, maybe Wilma came down here to hide.

Wilma Flintstone: [about the mummy case] It's lucky I hid in here because I discovered something fantastic, look, a secret stairway!

Fred Flintstone: That could lead us out of here!

Barney Rubble: Hey, good idea, while Rocky and Franky are down here looking for us, we'll be upstairs making our escape!

Fred Flintstone: Right, let's go!

Fred Flintstone: Wilma, Betty, quick move away! You're standing on a trap door!

Wilma and Betty: [jump off] Huh?

Barney Rubble: We fell through it before, ZOOM, right down to the secret lab.

Wilma Flintstone: A trap door leading down to the secret lab? How did you get out?

Fred Flintstone: We climbed through this big window we saw down there.

Wilma Flintstone: Uh huh and where did the window lead TO?

Fred Flintstone: Where does any window lead to? It leads to outside, out to the castle grounds. Uh oh, hold on everybody, I got a plan.

Wilma Flintstone: I knew you would, Fred.

Fred Flintstone: Why don't we take the trap door down to the lab and escape from the castle?

[Rockula and Frankenstone, while chasing the Flintstones and Rubbles, stop at some barrels, where their targets are hiding]

Rockula: We must find them! I will search over there, you stay here and check the barrels.

Frankenstone: [as Rockula runs off] Yes, master.

Fred Flintstone: [Imitating Rockula from inside the barrel] Forget about the barrel! Search elsewhere!

Frankenstone: Yes, master.

[Walks off]

Rockula: [Repeated line] I am not Silika!

Rockula: I am sure I heard voices. Those barrels, did you check them out?

Frankenstone: Uh, no, Master. Master tell me forget barrels.

Rockula: What? I said no such thing! Look in the barrels! I'll look over there.

[Rockula runs off. Frankenstone picks up a barrel and looks inside it, unaware that Fred is crouching right beside him]

Frankenstone: Empty!

[Places the barrel, unknowingly, on Fred, picks up another and looks inside, accidentally bumping the barrel with Fred away]

Frankenstone: Empty!

[Throws the barrel away]

Wilma Flintstone: [hears something howling] Sounds like wolves howling out there!

Fred Flintstone: Impossible, Wilma, the guide book says there are no wolves in Rocksylvania.

Igor: Those are verevolves.

Fred FlintstoneBarney RubbleBetty RubbleWilma Flintstone: [imitating his enunciation] Verevolves?

Igor: Count Rockula has not been seen for 500 years, but nobody knows when he might again come to life.

[Rockula, in bat form, appears in Wilma's bedroom, where Wilma is sleeping]

Rockula: My beloved bride, it is me, Count Rockula! I have returned!

Wilma Flintstone: [Half-asleep] Uh? You woke me up. I was having such a nice dream.

Rockula: Your dream has come true, my darling. After 500 years, I have come back to you.

Wilma Flintstone: [Sees Rockula and gasps] Why, Mr. Silika!

[Rockula's arms drop in amazement]

Wilma Flintstone: How dare you come into my room! This is an outrage!

Rockula: An outrage? But you are my bride. Who is Mr. Silika?

Wilma Flintstone: Look, a joke is a joke, but this is carrying it too far. You'd better clear out of here fast. My husband will be back any minute.

Rockula: Your husband? But that's me.

Wilma Flintstone: I warn you, if he finds you here, there's no telling what he'll do.

Rockula: I don't know what you're talking about. Come, we will leave together.

[Frankenstone opens the tapestry from behind]

Wilma Flintstone: Ah! I'm gonna report you to Monty Marble. The producers of "Make a Deal or Don't"! Are they gonna hear about this!

[Rockula carries Wilma out of the room as the tapestry closes]

Gladys: Ja?

Fred Flintstone: Hehe, hi there. We're the Flintstones and the Rubbles.

Gladys: You are who?

Barney Rubble: I'll handle this, Fred. Uh, Ma'am, we're the Flintshteins and da Roobuls.

[Rockula has abducted Wilma and taken her to his lair]

Rockula: Ah, my secret crypt! Do you not remember this place where we used to meet before you became my bride?

Wilma Flintstone: Mr. Silika, I don't appreciate this phony act of yours.

Rockula: You know, my dear, you are beautiful when you are angry.

Wilma Flintstone: Oh, I don't know about beautiful, but I'm angry alright, Mr. Silika.

Rockula: Silika! Who is this Mr. Silika?

[Frankenstone knocks on the door]

Rockula: Come!

[Frankenstone enters]

Wilma Flintstone: Well, my Goodness! Who are you? I don't recall seeing a tall Frankenstone at the party.

Frankenstone: She very beautiful!

Wilma Flintstone: Oh, no, not you too. Look, fellas, I'm flattered. But I'm tired of this corny game, Mr. Silika.


[Rockula turns into a bat. Wilma screams. Rockula turns back to normal]

Rockula: There, my dear. Have I convinced you?

Fred Flintstone: [watching the monster bash from above on the second floor] You know, Barney, it's a good thing they're supplying the costumes. I wouldn't know what to wear to a monster bash.

Barney Rubble: [laughs] In your case, Fred, a monster bash is a come-as-you-are party.

Fred Flintstone: I'm warning ya, Barn,

[points to the first floor]

Fred Flintstone: that's a 30 foot drop.