"I sette peccati capitali " is an Italian serial based on the Eugène Sue novel "Les sept pêchés capitaux" (1847-1852). Sue was a famed serial writer, well known for "Les Mystères de Paris" (1842-1843). Several authors would be inspired by his work, like Antoni Altadill who would write under this influence "Barcelona y sus misterios" (1860). The Italian film producers Caesar Films, who had Bertini's exclusive, used Sue's serial as the basis for seven pictures where the dark haired diva dramatic talent could shine at her best. She would constitute an associated company to Caesar named Bertini Films. The pictures were progressively more loosely based on the original novel. Miss Bertini would appear without make-up in some parts. The integrale of "I sette peccati capitali" was believed lost until it was found at the Prague Film Institute (Ceskoslovensky Filmovy Archiv). It was carefully restored including the tinting and shown in Il Cinema Ritrovatto at Bologna in 1991 (first restorations L'Avarizia and L'orgoglio) and in 2003. The complete Sette Pecatti pictures are : L'Orgoglio, Gula, Ira and L' Avarizia (1918), L'Invidia, L'Accidia and Lussuria (1919).