Based on a series of supposedly fact-based columns written circa 1970 by the American author and journalist James Bacon for Los Angeles Herald Examiner. The subject was the kerfuffle caused by a beautiful anonymous girl from Sweden hired by a noted Detroit car designer to be his maid. The news of her beauty spread quickly and even famous Hollywood stars became obsessed with meeting this latest "It Girl." This forced the designer to hire another maid and install a special phone line just so the Swede girl can talk to her numerous rich and famous admirers. Bacon himself was very amused by the fact that his columns inspired a movie, so he ended up officially reviewing it for the October 8th issue of the Examiner. In his mostly positive review that predominantly focused on the differences in attitudes towards sex in Sweden and the US, Bacon stated that both the director and the producer of the film told him that they were indeed big fans of his columns.

In his 1972 review of the movie for Los Angeles Herald Examiner, James Bacon noted that one of the notable Hollywood locations where the movie was shot was Bela Lugosi's house.