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  • The literal translation of the title of this movie is: Sun Rise.

    The movie is based on the novel with the same title, written by one of famous contemporary Chinese writer, Mr. Yu Cao. The same novel was also made into a radio show, stage play and a remake after the revolution.

    Due to the technical limitations, this original is not as good as the remake in 1985. For example, the remake was in color and the film crew did an excellent job of using the color to reflect the story and emotion, resulting in better dramatization. The film crew of this original could not do so even if they wanted to or if they were more talented, because black and white was the only option available at the time when the original was made. The film crew of this original, however, did perform an excellent job in using other means to have better dramatization, namely, the music, and they should get a perfect score for their accomplishment.