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  • I loved this show but it was given zero chance. It ran a couple of times and that was it. There were great characters and interlocking plots kind of like Sienfeld. The main character was a comedy writer, but the focus was on his dealings with his parents and brother. His brother was a dentist, his mother was sweat and clueless seaming, but actually very smart. Jeffrey Tambor was great as the father. Similar to his role on Arrested Development, but not a criminal. If you ever get a chance to see it, it will make you depressed at the state of television today, where great comedies are given no chance to find an audience, but star driven shows with no wit or style get all the attention and dollars and air time. Please somebody put it on YouTube!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This episode I fondly refer to as the "Indian Guide Episode" because it shows flashbacks of the boys Indian Guide trips with their father played by Jeffery Tambor. Shia Lebouf plays a young Marty in one of the flashbacks. This was truly hilarious and I believe the testing ground for it's creator for future shows like "Arrested Development". In talking with a friend he brings up how depressed his father was during their Indian Guide trips and it cuts to 8mm footage of Jeffery Tambor sitting at a picnic table witn a cigarette barley hanging off his lips, then a scence of him trying to open a bag a potato chips with the end result himi tearing the bag wid open with chips flying everywhere then he slowly eats what has fallen all over him. For these scenes alone it is worth seeing.
  • It seems that I watched a sitcom with Jill Clayburgh that I never saw again. The episode that I saw was about a family going to church on Sunday. The parents refused to go and the children were dying to get there because they thought that eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ and sitting under a crucifix was "awesome". It was fabulously sacrilegious. I searched in vain for it, but I can understand why it was taken off the air. Never saw anything so outrageous on the tube. Ever.

    This show was truly daring. I guess advertisers are too afraid to mess with the religious right, just like politicians.