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  • Sérgio Ricardo was one of the great names of 20th century Brazilian culture, having dedicated himself not only to cinema, but, and especially, to music, with great compositions. Among other films, he directed This World is Mine, which today is part of the best produced in 20th century Brazilian cinematography. Sérgio may not have achieved, despite his value as a composer and director, the prominence he always deserved. He had a strong temperament and even though he had a big heart, it was not easy to relate to him. In the early years, until the 1960s, almost the 70s, he worked hard, trying to build his name and already had a certain prestige abroad, however, with the incident that occurred at the Festival da Record in 1967 when, when presenting the song " Beto Bom de Bola ", and to see the public rejecting his work, he lost control, broke his guitar and threw it at the audience, saying: You don't understand anything !!! Really, in a festival in which great names emerged and, admit it, great songs appeared, Beto Bom de Bola was misunderstood, it did not please !!! Sergio paid dearly for his act. Their relationships became difficult, some doors closed. Only his tenacity and willingness to accomplish kept him active. He fought hard, represented Brazil at external events, directed films, composed new songs and continued, with gallantry, his trajectory. He recently disappeared at the age of 88. somewhat forgotten, since the new generations have proven to have other interests. Only time can show its true value. Great Sergio Ricardo !!!