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  • Does this film really need to be restored ?I have my doubts.This is a thriller but it fails to generate any thrills.Only one scene stands out: a disfigured thespian plays on a stage in a theater (a Musset drama) where nobody 's watching him.

    All that remains is generally unexciting:a singer (Jacques Pills who was a singer in real life but is best remembered as one of Edith Piaf's husbands)enjoys a big hit -so to speak,cause there were no charts at the time - with a song called "seul dans la nuit" (alone in the night).Alas there's a serial killer in the town ,and every time a woman is killed ,this ditty is heard ;and there's worse:all these unfortunate victims sent a letter to the artist.Could he be a killer? But around him,there are enough suspects to make cop Bernard Blier's task hard.

    Does this film really need to be restored when so many Duvivier early movies are still waiting?