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  • firiffic9 September 2003
    The writing of this comedy along with a superb cast lead by three extremely funny women make this show wonderful. The half an hour speeds by leaving you wishing for more, much more. The scenes are always unpredictable so there is always a surprise. If you get the chance to see any of them, don't miss it!
  • "Smack the Pony" is, without a doubt, one of the best TV shows out there. Ever since I came upon it by accident while channel surfing, I have loved it. The show is very unique and very creative. If you are a fan of British comedy, or of sketch comedy, or if you just want a good laugh, you will enjoy "Pony". It is a shame that Bravo tends to show it sporadically here in the US. Well, that's better than them not showing it at all.
  • If you've ever marveled at Big Train's unique form of sketch comedy you'll love this, the main cast are all female, Doon from Knowing Me Knowing You and Day Today and the chambermaid Sophie from I'm Alan Partridge amongst others. Like early French and Saunders but very in your face and really funny. Since I'm Alan Partridge in 1997, the most innovative and funny Brit comedies have all been sketch-based like Big Train, Goodness Gracious me and now Smack the Pony
  • Whippee!

    "Smack The Pony" was true twisted television. BRAVO kept it hidden in a late-night weekend time-slot, but this comedy-craving insomniac was not to be denied. "SMP" had me peeing my Calvins. I loved it, I never missed an episode, and my couch still has the urine-stains to prove it.

    I don't think this show was anything like "Saturday Night Live". SNL has always been content in it's role as a mostly political/pop culture parody. SMP mostly avoided those themes-- eschewing celebrity impressions and giving us quirky, delightfully-bizarre, slice-o-life comedy. The 90 minute SNL moves with all the momentum of a drunk moth in a bowl of cold punch. SMP scoots right along, thanks to it's ultra-quick sketches and 30 minute running time. When the half hour is up, you're left wanting more.

    Perhaps the most significant difference is that Smack The Pony featured a primarily all-female cast. Gifted comediannes all. The divine ladies of SNL have nothing on them.

    Two of my favorite sketches are the ice-skaters in the kiss-n-cry (think: tongues) and the dental hygienist from hell (think: she's not very hygienic). Time to coat the sofa in plastic!

    One of the funniest shows ever. Honestly.
  • digi_rg_2322 December 2002
    This is a hilarious show. I watched it while on vacation in Europe and it reminded me of old Saturday Night Lives (when it was extremely good). Smack the Pony seems to have more story. It is one of the funniest shows I have seen.
  • If you like Britcoms,this show is for you. Its kind of like a British SNL when SNL was good. Hilarious and unpredictable. If you miss Absolutely Fabulous, check this one out, you will surely love this just as much as AbFab. I wouldn't be surprised to see this marvelous show on comedy central in the near future. But then again, it is a hard show to find on TV. The only place I've been lucky enough to catch it was on bravo, and some states don't even get bravo. but, If you have the chance to watch this terrific show, don't hesitate.
  • anita-1825 February 2000
    Short sketches, very silly and bizarre - a little like Kids in the Hall. I love the "video interviews" for the Dating Service. It's sometimes difficult to understand because of the quick- and soft-spoken dialogue. It's becoming my favorite show.
  • Cindy-3913 January 2000
    Thank goodness for Bravo, which is airing Smack the Pony in the U.S., otherwise I would never have gotten to see this hilarious show. The actors of Smack the Pony's cast are somehow able to act each part with deadpan perfection, and the writing is always unpredictable and hilarious. One particularly nice feature that Smack the Pony has taken advantage of is that each sketch is short and to the point, UNLIKE other sketch comedy shows (one in particular with the initials S.N.L.) that just drag on and on, wallowing in their own stupidity. It's no comparison, really.. P.S. Americans might need to watch the show with closed captioning turned on occasionally.
  • I like the shot-on-film look, especially for many of their sketches which are "realistic." They seem to shoot in a variety of locations, and the actors are quite versatile. Also note that this is not "British humor", which I don't always get. I just caught this on Bravo (9/29/00).
  • Smack the Pony is very much The Fast Show for primarily female comedians.

    There are some quick fire sketches, if one fails then another one will be round next.

    The first episode had some inspired sketches such as the two women walking a dog who started to bark at each other.

    Then there was the parody of The Cranberries.

    These type of sketch shows can easily be hit and miss, there were more hits here.
  • ladymerillite9 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the best sketch shows ever made! Perfect observation of British social chemistry, work and living conditions. It's actually disturbingly accurate! I love the dating videos because of how mad they are but also how believable it is! It's not a far cry from a 90s version of Tinder.
  • I am a HUGE Monty Python fan. The best of British Humor, evidently. But to be honest: I laughed even harder and more consistently at the entire Smack The Pony series. Why isn't this as popular and legendary? This, the full series, deserves your undivided attention!

    If everybody had the guts to put his/hers own behaviour in perspective, like these ladies do, the world would definitely be a better place!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I understand that the title is meant to sound like a euphemism for female masturbation, it is certainly a funny sketch show, probably one of the only near full female ones. Written by and starring Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and British Comedy Award nominated Sally Phillips, with regular appearances by Sarah Alexander and Darren Boyd, this sketch show with no reoccurring characters, only certain situations and themes, is fantastically funny. The show combines great dialogue in both realistic and surreal comedy scenes to create some terrific jokes laughs, genius, cringing and fun to watch. The reoccurring situations include unsuccessful relationships, competition in the work place and latent lesbianism. The reoccurring themes include the dating agency videos on video and online, and of course the fantastic spoof songs at the end of each episode. It was nominated the BAFTA TV Awards for Best Comedy Programme or Series (three times), and the British Comedy Award for Best Broken Comedy Show. Very good!
  • For me, this is the funniest thing on television since Monty Python's Flying Circus. Every bit as smart and as funny. The second (?) episode (the one that begins with the "phobic" dog owner) from the second season is flawless. Every minute of it glitters. I only laugh as hard when I read or watch Oscar Wilde's _The Importance of Being Earnest_.
  • Now, that seemingly all of the family and friends of the members of this "show" have given their positive comments regarding this drivel, I feel that someone else should review the show. I cannot comprehend how anyone could find this show funny. No, not even a family member should like this show. A show that takes everyday situations and leaves them to be everyday situations. If I hand someone a coffee in an elevator and give them a cookie with it nobody would laugh in real life, but the laugh-reel in the background of this show is peeing its pants. Yes, I am from Germany, but please do not base my review on that I cannot understand British humor. Shows such as Ab Fab, Black Adder, 'Allo 'Allo, Keeping Up Appearances and Benny Hill are some of my all-time favorite shows.

    I have given this show many chances to make me laugh, but not even the slightest movement of my lips, that could ever resemble a smile, came from these wasted hours.

    Caution: Stay clear and enjoy a rerun of Ab Fab instead.
  • I think this is one of the "new" comedys which at times is really quite good, but like alot of new stuff, its VERY hit and miss, to be honest, alot of time during my time watching this i was just thinking "What?!?!" You just have to keep in mind that these girls aren't your normal ones...

    It does have some very good aspects to it, i like the ending which always has a paraody of a song! Now THAT was funky! hehehe! Just watch this and make your mind up at the end of the day, but don't get your hopes up if you don't like comedys like Ab Fab, it won't ever replace "Eddy" and "Pats" but it'll do till another giant comes along to knock them off the top!
  • As above. I've tried to view this as 'of the time' or with a sense of 'mocking the stereotypes' but no. I'm sorry this is a highly sexist show, made all the sadder by the fact it's made by women