Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a big fan of the show, and subsequently offered Sally Phillips a recurring guest part as the Finnish Prime Minister on Veep (2012).

Sally Phillips revealed in 2013 that she is developing a sitcom called "Stick or Twist" that reunites her with her collaborators from this show, Doon Mackichan and Fiona Allen.

Miranda Hart appeared in three episodes of the third season, which marked her debut in a comedy series, as well as her debut on television. Hart later had a lead role in her own sit-com, Miranda (2009), which featured Sally Phillips, as an appreciation for helping Hart getting her breakthrough.

Alternative suggested names for 'Smack The Pony' were 'Dangerous Cows' and 'Planes Trains and Forks'.

The show's title was originally supposed to be "Spot the Pony", as a spoof on stories aimed at young girls. However, at Kevin Lygo's suggestion, the title was changed to "Smack the Pony". Contrary to popular belief, the title was never intended to be a sexual euphemism.

The leading cast members announced in 2003 that the decision was made to end this show while it was still a success, to prevent a potential decline in quality.