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  • One of the best XXX films of the "Golden Age", SORORITY SWEETHEARTS is a real gem. It features an entertaining (funny) storyline, fine acting (especially by Linda Shaw and the late Lisa De Leeuw) and plenty of hot sex. Star Bridgette Monet can't act but she IS gorgeous. The guys in the main are typical pre-Viagra studs (impressive staying power but nothing to write home about in the looks department). As for the best scene, it's a tie between Linda and Bridgette's tender late-night coupling and the...ahem climactic deflowering of Bridgette's character. Seriously, what more could a fan of this genre want? I heartily recommend the re-released DVD.
  • Shot back to back with the superior film I LIKE TO WATCH, this one takes a look at a small group of sorority girls, particularly quiet virgin Bridget Monet, who the others decide to throw a dinner party for so she can meet some guys and maybe get some experience. It feels like faint praise to say it's fine, but that's really it. A typical for porn plot to have an excuse for sex set-ups, a game cast, there's nothing really notable about it. That said, it's not a bad movie or boring. Vatelli does a great job directing. The pacing is good and everyone looks like a million bucks. So while it's no great statement for the genre, or particularly challenging for the viewer, it is a pleasant, sweet film to spend some time with.
  • Sorority Sweethearts (1983)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    A group of beautiful sorority girls decide to throw a party when they learn that one of their own, Cindy (Bridgette Monet), is a virgin. The hopes is that she likes her date and is willing to go all the way.

    SORORITY SWEETHEARTS is a pretty standard adult movie if you go by the plot and it's also pretty standard in terms of its technical qualities. This was made back-to-back with I LIKE TO WATCH and even though I found that film's story to be a tad bit bland it at least offered up some great technical things.

    This film here is certainly the "B" picture of the duo as it seems the filmmakers were just trying to get a movie made and didn't care too much about doing anything too fresh or original. Once again we get the likes of Lisa De Leeuw and Herschel Savage who are both in fine form. Then you've got Monet who certainly can't act but I doubt that is why she was hired.