Three Ripening Cherries (1984)

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Three eager sisters don't want to listen to their mother and cousin's advice about having sex.


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4 July 2020 | Michael_Elliott
Regan Steals the Picture
Three Ripening Cherries (1979)

*** (out of 4)

A mom (Kitty Shayne) warns her three daughters (Misty Regan, Brooke West, Lynn LeMay) that having sex before marriage isn't as good as they might think and tries to push them into saving their virginity. The three ladies then go back to their bed and play around with one another as they fantasies what it would be like to have sex.

Carlos Tobalina's THREE RIPENING CHERRIES appears to be his "masterpiece" as far as a Tobalina goes. It seems that the majority of the people who watch his film leave this one calling it the best and it's easy to see why as it's certainly well-made, features a fun story and it also delivers some very erotic scenes with the three lovely leading ladies.

Of course, you have the entire idea of three sisters licking and touching one another but we'll just overlook that part. The film works extremely well as a fantasy and especially how the ladies envision themselves losing their virginity. I thought the fantasy sequences were well-directed by Tobalina and they also managed to be quite erotic as it really did seem as if the three females were really into it and not just there for the work.

This is especially true for Regan who easily steals the film. I thought she was extremely charming and especially during the finale where she whines because the man she picked just can't give her what she wants. Overall THREE RIPENING CHERRIES isn't what I'd consider a masterpiece of the genre but it's certainly a fun and charming picture that shows Tobalina could do something right.

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