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  • Warning: Spoilers
    HOMER COMES HOME (1920) stars Charles Ray as a boy with "big ideas" who is expelled from his hometown of Mainesville. When he resolves to use two year's of savings to return and impress them that he has become a success in the big city, their hypocrisy is evident, fawning over him. He does them a favor, collecting investments to convince his boss to open a factory in the town.

    Meanwhile, they had suspected him of a scam, and reported him to his boss; evidently, the small town will always be suspicious of one who has notions beyond its geography. This is heightened by the cupidity of the father of the girl he hopes to marry, who switches allegiance from one prospective son-in-law to another, only concerned that the marriage will cancel his own debts. As I outline in my biography of producer Thomas Ince, beyond the simplistic surface of Ince's Ray films, underlying tensions were apparent.