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8 February 2001 | mingo-2
Make a Sex film, skip the socio-religious commentary
OK to start with, I'm a pagan, a Wiccan to be specific. while this film itself did not offend me (I watch adult films and review a number of them here) the little pagan evangelical bit at the end did. The film itself was a standard gonzo type flick with a large number of orgy shots. Not very hot by my standards but not sick or anything. Them at the end one of the actors starts explaining how paganism reveres sex and he recommends a couple of books on the subject if you "want to learn more" OK, yes neo-pagans do revere sex as a sacrement and we don't cling to Judeo-Christian sexual mores, however we also don't use our religion as an excuse to get laid (at least those of us that are serious don't). I often feel people like this are Christians at heart that couldn't fit their sex drive into the standard Christian mold so they decide to convert, but never get past the part about sex. Some of the Levay type Satanists are the same way. So as I said, if you want to make a sex film do it, keep religion out of it.

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