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  • The gigolo Mariano (Cláudio Cavalcanti) recollects his life since his childhood. Mariano is raised by his fortuneteller aunt Antonieta that foresees that he will fall in love with a Queen of Clubs, but he will have problems with a Jack of Clubs. When Mariano is twelve years old, Antonieta dies and her best friend, Madam Iara (Neuza Amaral), brings him to live with her in her brothel. Mariano is prematurely introduced to the sexual life, writing letters for the prostitutes to their relatives and having sex with them in return. When the sweet courtesan Guadalupe (Rossana Ghessa) comes to work in the whorehouse, Mariano falls in love with her and he concludes that she is his Queen of Clubs. However, sooner her gigolo Esmeraldo (Jece Valadão) comes to the brothel to stay with her and Mariano concludes that he is the Jack of Spades. When there is a police raid in the brothel, Mariano tricks Esmeraldo that is arrested by the police and Guadalupe moves in together with Mariano. When their money ends, Guadalupe works as street girl and Mariano is her gigolo. After a while, Esmeraldo returns and the woman leaves Mariano and goes with him. Along the years, each gigolo outwits the other to stays with Guadalupe for a period but sooner the other discovers where she is and gets her back.

    "Memórias de um Gigolô" is a "pornochanchada" (witty and erotic comedy usually in Rio de Janeiro") from the early 70's with the ups and downs of a gigolo that gives the sensation of nostalgia for those like me that lived this period in Rio. It is great to revisit Rio de Janeiro when the Brazilian population was only ninety million people and life was safer and with higher quality. The Brazilian-Italian Rossana Ghessa is extremely gorgeous and sexy as usual. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Memórias de um Gigolô" ("Memoirs of a Gigolo")
  • Based on the most well known novel of Marcos Rey, a very important Brazilian's novelist, "Memórias de um Gigolô" has a witty script, excellent characterizations and a fine direction by Pieralisi. The movie tells the story of Mariano, a young boy who is raised by a bunch of prostitutes in the beginning of the century in São Paulo and his disadventures when he grows up. A little of "David Copperfield" maybe, but in a Brazilian's way which always means originality all the way. The cast is good but Cavalcanti is not the perfect match for the leading role. Valadão is good and Ghessa is always a shining presence. Later a TV series.