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  • Third Watch is a great show. I have been waiting for so long for it to become available on DVD! Does anyone know why the DVDs are available in Japan and not is the U.S.? I don't plan on doing anything on Fridays because that is Third Watch Night in my house. Even as some characters leave or die and new ones are introduced, my family has remained loyal to it. When it was on Mondays, my husband gave up an hr of watching MNF to watch 3rd Watch. If there is anyone out there who reads this and can do anything to help bring it to DVD, PLEASE HELP! With so many other crappy shows out of DVD after a season (uh..Nick & Jessica?) how can anyone let this show go on this long without releasing it on DVD!?
  • babysisv9 February 2004
    Third watch is a great show. It's nice to have something to watch that isn't so predicable and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Let's all be honest...there's a lot of crap on t.v. therefore, third watch is a life saver 10/10
  • I loved this show. I lived to watch this show every week. It had action, compassion, love, hate, thrills, you name it. Why was this show taken off the air? My god. They leave the soap operas on for years and years and then you get a wonderful show like this and they take it off. I don't understand. There was never a dull moment on this show. Always something going on. I sure wish they would start it up again. It would be sooooo great. I always wanted Bosco to hook up with Faith. Now that would have been so great. They had a chemistry going. That let me down when they did not at least kiss. You know they wanted to...haha Sad in Louisiana, Linda
  • Watching THIRD WATCH is like reading a good book I just can't put down. I'm not one to "get hooked" on programs, like soaps, but THIRD WATCH got me good! I only wish I'd seen the original airings. I don't want to miss a single episode of this action packed series. The viewer is drawn in to the actors' characters causes and effects. The lives of the characters are deeply affected by their jobs as fire fighters, police person, or paramedics. The cast are excellent actors and perfect choices for their characters. It's difficult to pick a favorite character as all the interactions and relationships are just perfect. I can't say enough good about this drama, except it's terrible it was canceled after the 6th season. However, give everyone involved with the program credit for putting an ending to the series. Knowing the ending doesn't made a difference with wanting to watch the previous episodes.
  • take NYPD Blue and mix it it with ER and some firemen TV show and you'll get 3rd W. I specially like the politically incorrect characters and how they complement each other, and the way they treated the 9/11 stuff without much patriotism and low punches. The best in US TV nowadays
  • I've been a fan of Third Watch for quite a while, as it consists of a very culturally diverse and talented cast. As an actor myself, I was once fortunate enough to be an extra on the show and found it to be a most enjoyable experience, meeting some of the cast who were not only professional but also very friendly. I'm also a City University of New York Campus Peace Officer and find the show to successfully incorporate real issues within each episode, such as relationship situations (between the officers of the various departments), personal issues like child care concerns, marital problems, etc., as well as most of the official procedures which the uniformed Officers (Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Technicians) utilize in the performance of their duties. The portrayals of the characters by the cast is wonderful, as they succeed in bringing each character to 3 dimensional life! You get the feeling that these are real folks you could actually run into while walking down a New York City street. (Yes, all their performances are that good!!) The action in the show is great, combining the perfect amount of gritty realism and excitement with (at times), a dash of humor. I enjoy the show very much & hope it continues to have a nice long run!! I really like this show and feel that it is the best hour of quality viewing on televsion. Fantastic work by all the cast and crew!!
  • Third Watch is a fast paced, enjoyable show that I hope will stick around. I have to agree with another reviewer that NBC has jerked this show around by moving it around the schedule. What are they going to do in fall 2000--when Monday night football comes back? Anyway, I feel that ER has run its course and this show has the makings of picking up the "high adrenaline show" mantle and running off with it. Good show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know I was going to check out the show when I heard John Welles was doing which his shows are good and I am a fan of Eddie Cibrian (going back to his days from "The Young and the Restless"), which was another factor to draw me to watch this show and have to always let shows get time to develop about the characters, but I was hooked. The actors (besides Eddie and Michael Beach) I never knew of so it wasn't any big names but they pulled themselves as this group and it was never amateur.

    The first season I liked and it did have a premise about how they all fit into the premise of the story, and I saw they changed in the second season where they formatted into taking 1 character each week and the story revolved around that character for the week so whatever character that wasn't focused always had something coming up. But it has become more of a show that I was surprised that lasted longer than I thought. Thank you NBC to keep this show because as they changed a lot of time slots I thought maybe this might be the last season (i.e. "Monday Night Football", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Ally McBeal" (which it turned out to be the one that didn't get renewed as it was their last season)and now possibly "CSI Miami"). And besides its so good that 85% of the show is shot on location in NY that they have a lot of space to show it and despite what NY went through after 9/11. But only one thing I'm not over. "Why did they have to kill Alex Taylor?" Amy Carlson was one of my favorites on the show!!!!!
  • JLJ06115 December 2003
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have been a big fan of Third Watch since day one. Though it has had its ups and downs I will remain loyal to the end, which I hope will not be anytime soon! It's tough to see characters come and go on the show, I enjoyed seeing Alex and Lt. Johnson (both killed off last season), but Sasha Monroe (Nia Long) makes a great partner for Bosco; not many people can match his kind of mentality! Many people will argue that the show does not match the every day realism of the NYPD/FDNY, but then again, what show does?

    I give it a 9/10.
  • ivana-730 September 1999
    There are 6 words to describe this tv show: fast, emotional, funny, heartwarming, real, better then ER.

    Plus the actors are great and some of them cute. Just imagen ER 2 times better.

    This is THE drama of 99.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After having seen the first episode I was hooked on the show, (love at first sight). The blend of cops, firefighters and paramedics, and all the human aspects of life, like: loyalty, friendship, e.c.t. made this series # 1 on my list. Well, I have to say, there are not many series that can keep me interested season after season, but THIRD WATCH was/is one of them, it's only getting better and better.

    The actors make the characters come so much to live, that you can't do anything else than feel with them, when you see the show, episode after episode, and even though I like all characters (more or less), my favorites are: Yokas and Bosco. Their loyalty and friendship to one another are beyond normal. Example; when Bosco saves Yokas life in season 5, with no regards for his own safety.

    To round this up,I hope that season 1 to ???, soon will come out on DVD.
  • jc-131299 September 2018
    This is a short review but without question this is the BEST POLICE SHOW EVER. That says it all !!!!!!!
  • andrea_n724619 March 2010
    I'm with others....this was/is an amazing show...NBC really dropped the ball with this, at least give us the DVD!!

    I happened to catch Third Watch by chance during its 5th season, while randomly flipping through channels, during the episode "A Call for Help". I instantly fell in love with this show and began watching it almost religiously. The acting was raw, and this was honestly good TV. I have seen every episode of this series. I thought it would live on even through A&E but we've been robbed of that too. I am still in love with this show, and I support the actors as well, I check up on IMDb what their into and I make sure to catch the episode/movie etc. Third Watch is awesome and I will forever be a fan.
  • What an absolutely amazing show!!! I followed it religiously! Great, creative writers, talented actors, amazing consistency, great medical accuracy combined with amazing attention to detail made Third Watch unique. Captivating story lines mixing the absolute extreme with normal everyday issues. Realistic, multidimensional, diverse characters from various age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds showing the different complex relationships they had with one another and how they And the relationships changed over time. I love the raw human emotions this show evoked. The humour injected was intelligent. I loved how the story lines tied together. I was so disappointed when this show came off the air. Glad to know there is still a large fan base. I still think I must be one of the shows biggest fans!
  • sengleaboy2 September 2008
    I do not usually watch TV shows which are longer than a couple of episodes as I hate to be tied up but this one really got me stuck. Here in Malta I watch it on Italian TV, two episodes which start at 2.30am and end at 4.30am and still it is all worth it. Forget Lost and Prison Break which have promising starts but then end up boring you to death, Third Watch is a real masterpiece and the characters really get you involved especially Boscorelli and Yokas. This show also gives a touch of reality of what its like to be a police officer in NY and the toll this job can have on one's private life. Well done to all those involved in this masterpiece of a show.
  • Didn't really pay any attention to this series at all until John Wells decided a 'crossover' with 'ER' was needed. What a masterstroke. Now I'm hooked.

    Started watching religiously after that. The great thing is that now the series is in syndication on A&E - every weeknight at 11:00 pm and 3:00 am! Now I can even catch up on all the reruns I missed the first time around.

    It's so refreshing to see real people portrayed in prime time as opposed to walking cliches. Everyone on this show has moments of weakness and greatness in equal parts. They even talk like the rest of us, oftentimes quite hilariously.

    About the only actor I recognized prior to seeing 'Third Watch' was Anthony Ruivar, who got munched by some giant bugs in 'Starship Troopers'. But I must say, everyone on the show has really grown on me, especially Molly Price. Most guys would go for Kim Raver or Lisa Vidal - babes all. Something about a woman in a police uniform just does it for me. Molly, you can arrest me anytime!

    I'm always moved by this show, whether it's to sidesplitting laughter (not something that one would expect in a 'serious' drama like this) or to uncontrollable tears (I still can't watch the episode where J.K. Simmons - so vile as the neo-nazi on 'Oz' - is trapped under a slab of concrete and ends up videotaping a final message to his wife and daughter without blubbering like a baby).

    Despite nitpicking about trivial little details about what forms uniformed officers are allowed to make out, this is easily the best and most 'real' thing on television right now, even better than 'ER'.
  • tommy-batjoens14 February 2017
    One of my favorite series of all time. Too bad it was cancelled, i feltit had some more seasons left. The cheap shows etc stay... I have watched the series in full at least 2 times. Worth it! It felt realistic in every way and it brought up actual real life problems. The characters had depth and you got to see them in a work environment as in the private life of the people. It shows the hardships police, firefighters and paramedics have to deal with but also everything good that comes with it. I felt the ending was very sudden and much more was to be told about the lives of those people fighting for all of us day in and day out. It might be a fictionall show with fictional characters but according my dad who was a police officer it was very good and realistic. Bring it back or something similar.
  • roxist14 August 2010
    Absolutely a must see, this show combines action with feeling and it's not a lot of shows that get this combo right.

    Molly Price and Jason Wiles have great chemistry together as Faith and Bosco and the storyline is believable, dramatic and it gets to you.

    The storyline develops among other characters as well, fire squad, police and ems but doesn't change the chemistry along the way. Also, as the seasons advance, you get to see how they cope with a great deal of situations at work and on a personal level.

    Keeps you on the edge at all times.

    It's a great show! Definitely worth a shot!!! Or two...
  • todi-rak4 May 2019
    Great show, still miss it. Everything was perfect: plot, characters and Sully :)
  • Rocky6321523 January 2005
    I wonder what kind of disease Cruz has. Obviously she knows what she has because of the way she acted when the doctor wanted to talk with her. Now, this could be one of the reasons why Cruz isn't the friendliest to everybody. The only thing I can think of how she could get a disease in the show is when she was raped by that guy when she was pretending to be a nurse. Now, I don't care what every girl thats going through puberty says about Boscoe leaving and they are not going to watch the show. Cry me a river even if Boscoe wasn't in the show and they had a different person playing the role of Boscoe the show would be good. This season has been the best by far and I only wish they could put the show on DVD. Everybody leaves a show eventually Frasier, Friends, Seinfeld,etc... What makes Third Watch great is that you can actually sympathize with the characters and whats going on.
  • I'm not sure which show the other posts are referring to. Certainly not the Third Watch I saw.

    The Third Watch I saw was over-the-top, badly made, and with mostly terrible acting.

    In particular, Kim Raver was obnoxiously annoying with her lack of acting skills. But only Skipp Sudduth and a couple of other regulars were any good anyway, so she had company.

    The soapiness reminded me of the worst of ER, not the best and the writing was anything but stellar, again reminding me of the worst scripts written by john Wells for ER (after season 5).

    In any case, a show I really don't miss.
  • Every now and then, one gets fooled into watching something based on its exaggerated ratings.

    This is such a case.

    Hence my 2 stars to balance against the current unmerited 7.6.

    Third watch is basically a corny soap opera based on the context of police and emergency crews dealing with obviously staged incidents.

    The characters are all 2 dimensional stereotypes, and most of the dialogue is taken up with their adolescent interactions, pranks, and innuendos.

    These interactions take place in between the over dramatised 'emergency' incidents, and as these incidents are mostly pretty brief, constitute most of each episode.

    Acting is generally pretty poor, and in some cases, embarrassingly bad.

    We managed 3 episodes of season 1, then decided to give it one last chance, but only got about a third of the way through episode 4 before giving up.

    There are plenty of other great things to watch, why waste your time with this drivel?
  • rajshori26 June 2018
    I am a doctor of medicine and a lawyer the paramedics and the cops were good in all the series The emergency room interventions and interplay with law enforcement and crime agencies was brilliantly portrayed Art imitates life and third watch showed this, completely Brutal , ruthless and realistic with a touch of humanity
  • raindead12 June 2006
    I guess the people who don't watch the usual soap operas and talk shows watch this to make them feel better about themselves. While before mentioned get off on moral issues, this one deals with criminals, with the actual law, let's get back to this one a bit later... Here there seem to be no innocent victims. Just the iron fist of justice. I guess the appeal here is we have no classy lawyers to justify their actions. Get the scumbag, arrest and question him, possibly with some of the usual police methods. And most of them seem pretty justified. Maybe until some lawyer gets the case and makes the closing speech...something like: well this guy did all this and that, but do his actions justify all the police brutality? NO! This guy was a victim. And therefore you should not find him as guilty. Well the thing here is: we don't see any of this things. All in all this pretty much sums up what's the deal with these soap police series. Here we have some non plus ultra representatives of the law catching bad guys (some of them have gone over the edge, but hey! what the hell, they are dealing with some disturbed individuals!) putting them behind bars and making look themselves as the contributing individuals to society. Maybe my strongest argument would be: What if we would put the cases from Third Watch into the hand of some lawyers from the Practice. Maybe even what if we would put the cops themselves into the hands of some fancy lawyers. Maybe I got a little off the way, if you are still keeping up... here is the real message of this show: The people who take care of the bad guys are the greatest heroes of them all, it doesn't matter if they are just fighting against the consequences of the regime that is the cause of all these things. On the side note, the whole acting, directing. sometimes it just makes me laugh. But that is the least of the problems of this charade.
  • mdtip10 March 2008
    If ur reading these comments like I did before watching the show pay attention... WATCH IT!!! My friend has the shows on tape and I am finishing the entire show over the last several months and I gotta say it an incredible show. My feelings are the only way u make that many episodes (120+) is with high quality writing and characters u really end up caring about. I dare anyone to watch this show and not fall in love with Bosco played by Jason Wiles. Loved Faith, his partner, and Cruz who plays a great renegade character who u can't decide if u respect or hate with each episode!! I personally LOVE shows with story arcs and underlying story lines that last half a season to multiple seasons.

    If u love great characters, interesting plot lines, and just plain good drama u'll check this show out!! Like I always said about another of my favorites "Homicide" the worst of the episodes is better then 80% of whats on t.v. currently!!
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