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  • Though no explicit link is revealed in the credits (this film has no director listed), MRS. SMITH'S is apparently a throwaway feature created at the time of production of Ann Perry's more lavish (relatively speaking) UNDERCOVERS. Both films are dominated by an unfunny would-be Terry-Thomas major character who has left little trace in show biz history.

    That would be one Ian MacGregor who bills himself pretentiously as Sir Lawrence Rothchild. He was the nominal spy hero of UNDERCOVERS and here he's the windbag Captain Nemo (!) who narrates his sexual memories as tall tales in a flashback structure -usually the telltale sign of a paste- up.

    Film takes on the character of an XXX "Love Boat" knock-off, concerning the captain's cruise ship Oceans of Love replete with sex mistress Becky Savage visiting state rooms to arrange servicing of the clientèle. So ultimately this is like a "Fantasy Island" knock-off by way of "Love American Style", or more parochially, a floating SEXWORLD without the sci-fi. Sounds bad and it is.

    Various sex segments are uneventful: one features Jennifer West with a big-dick character named Robert Headford; another spotlights Ken Starbuck as an Oriental steward (he's virtually the only big-dick Oriental actor in Hollywood porn during the Golden Age); Tommy La Roc (of COUNTRY COMFORT fame) initially can't get it up, but eventually gets to hump pretty-nippled Lei Quan. The captain is a voyeur during these episodes. By film's end Tommy and his better half Jennifer West are happy together again and the captain is headed for jail.

    Most of the cast is drawn from UNDERCOVERS, so I would infer that Ann Perry directed this junker too. Though available on DVD, it has otherwise sunk without a trace and I am sure no one will rush forward to claim credit.