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  • Flora Finch does fine work in this suffragette comedy. Her excursions into feminine politics leaves husband Bunny in the lurch. There will be many hearty laughs as the worm turns and the whip falls into his hand. Bradley Vandawater writes the script and George D. Baker produces it. - The Moving Picture World, August 2, 1913
  • John Bunny comes home, hoping for a hot dinner. However, Flora Finch is out at a suffragette meeting and so her husband gets heartburn. He decides to teach her a lesson in this short Vitagraph comedy.

    Fat John Bunny, often teamed with skinny Flora Finch, was the leading American comedy star before Charley Chaplin showed up. This is one of his typical efforts, in which the comedy on offer takes the form of a practical joke. Because it involves Bunny using the Old Boys Network to play a joke on his wife, it won't play particularly well with a modern audience. Given that there would be another Bunny movie out in a week or so, it probably did not have much of an impact at the time.

    If you wish to see it for yourself, a good copy can be found on the Eye Institute site on Youtube.