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  • This version of Carmen is enhanced by the tremendous acting of Grace Chang as the seductive, sexy and sassy Sijia, a singer in a nightclub who seduces her engaged pianist Hanhua (Zhang Yang), really just to show she can. However, there is also a little heart of gold hidden there, despite her penchant for cat fights and selfish ways. Grace Chang was a versatile actress, and if you've seen her in the much sweeter "Mambo Girl", you'll be surprised at her depth of emotion. I wasn't, she just shines in this. A beautiful lady, you just can't take your eyes off her. There is little in the way of wasted moments here. Even in black and white, this film and Ms. Chang are electrifying. I was on the fence about giving this a 10, but it is probably worth it, so thats what I did. Great musical numbers, easy to follow, Grace Chang at her beguiling best. What more could you possibly want?