Eddie Miller: [referring to Bobby's sports car] Some machine you got here.

Bobby Walker: Do you like it? Hey, chicks love this car, man. It's like a frigging rocket ship.

Eddie Miller: Yeah, well, use it for your accounts on the Moon.

Card Player 1: Tip, someday that girl is gonna make you a fine nurse.

Card Player 2: You change her diapers now, she'll change yours later.

Eddie Miller: I've been doing this for more than 30 years. I've never been robbed. Never had a loss. You know why?

Bobby Walker: No. No idea.

Eddie Miller: I stay in out-of-the-way motels. I eat in quiet little restaurants. I don't draw attention to myself. I don't talk about what I do. I go into town, I do my business, and I leave. I recommend that you do the same.

Bobby Walker: You never carry rubbers around?

Eddie Miller: No.

Bobby Walker: Not even for special occasions?

Eddie Miller: Like what, my birthday? No.

Eddie Miller: [talking to his boss about Bobby] How do I know he's not gonna work out? How do you know shit when you step in it?

Bobby Walker: I'll tell ya, the girls in these shitholes, they got nothing better to do. It's not like they're living in Harrisburg or something.

Eddie Miller: I got a lot of good customers in these "shitholes". What do you think you're gonna do, waltz in there and somebody's gonna hand you an order? Who's gonna buy from you?

Bobby Walker: Your customers are gonna buy from me.

Eddie Miller: MY customers?

Bobby Walker: Yeah, they said they were going to give them to me.

Eddie Miller: Oh, that's not how it works. They can't give you my customers. Same way you can't give me your girlfriends. It doesn't work that way. I guess they didn't cover that in Providence.

Eddie Miller: Look, I can't sit in that seat. My prostate'll be up in my throat.

Eddie Miller: What do you do when you wait? You buy a cup of coffee, you read a newspaper, you pick your nose, you wait!

Tip Rountree: I'm just gonna say one thing: Last year, the urologist pokes around. He tells me I'm not getting enough sex. A few days ago, he tells me I'm getting too much. How about THAT?

Card Player 2: Sounds like science fiction.

Eddie Miller: I'm not asking you to sleep with him. He just needs a companion.

Sharon: Get him a dog.

Bobby Walker: Oh, this is no problem. Just make it a cunt hair bigger.