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  • rbsmith200013 December 2003
    A vehicle for star cameos. If you need a plot, character development or anything else in a movie, look elsewhere.

    Watched this on HBO, and I'm surprised that they actually have this scheduled this several times. Watch for a stock hit.
  • And not in a good way. This was one of the most painful movies I've ever had to endure. Me and my friend rented it to see all the cameos (Yeah, I'm a pop music fan, I admit it. And I'm in college, not 13!). We ended up fast forwarding until all the cameos because those were the only things worth watching. The acting was pitiful, the plot was incoherent, and don't get me started on the screenplay. Don't waste your time, please...
  • This piece of crap could have been made for less than $500,000. Instead, Longshot is a terrific example of how the "industry" will get millions of dollars from investors to produce a bomb! Every cameo actor will admit that they acted in the film for the pay check, not because they loved the script or admired the director talents in film making. The money spent on this film could have funded a handful of talented independent film makers who could have used the opportunity to produce a decent film. I shook my head at this film because of the lack of talent. Poor acting, bad directing, and a terrible screenplay makes up Longshot. This film did nothing for the industry, the actors, or the art of independent cinema. Besides the paycheck that the cast and crew made on this joke of a movie, can anyone honestly say that this film did anything positive besides making the Produce of this film a sad and undeserving profit from his sale to distribution?
  • Cheddar7 April 2007
    I just saw this on cable -- I'm in great pain. It's really bad. Please. Please don't watch this movie. It will cause you nausea and diarrhea as it did me. I'd try to name a low point but there are so many. Any time someone says a line and then turns to the camera as if to say "wink wink...wasn't that funny?" the way Lance Bass does in this movie, it's a really bad sign. I don't have anything against boy bands but this is a movie and these guys really can't act. Oh, the pain is starting again. I don't think Vicodin will help this pain. Anyone who has a copy of this movie, whether you're a movie studio, cable network or you own the DVD, please burn it. I will allow that there was one redeeming quality about this movie: Hunter Tylo is a fine-looking woman. The pain went away when I looked at her, but only briefly.
  • The only reason I watched this movie was as a result of a combination of channel surfing, eating breakfast, and procrastinating. Now part of me wishes I hadn't wasted my time trying to figure out why on earth this movie was even made by actually sitting through the entire thing waiting for the pay off and another part of me is glad I saw it because it gives hope to all the wannabe screenwriters out there. The plot is ridiculous (and not in a good way), the characters lack any kind of substance or depth, and the cameos are not worth it at all. As a matter of fact I find myself wondering how the director even got the cameos... What incredible favor did these people owe and to whom? The writer? The director? The producer(s)? And the truly sad thing is it seemed the script was written entirely as a result of these connections with celebs in order to produce a movie with cameos. That whole reasoning just disgusts me. Whatever happened to just wanting to tell a good story? I mean, they don't all have to be Casablanca, but even Ferris Bueller's Day Off is akin to Gone with the Wind in comparison with this trite piece of trash.
  • what r u kidding me? this is the worst movie of all time! no wonder it went straight to video. the acting is terrible, but some, SOME of the cameos work but this movie is still a huge FLOP. and why would a basketball company thing would give 3 million dollars to a random fan???
  • One of those so bad it's funny movies...

    There's no point in even pretending to take this movie seriously...

    It is what it is..

    It's about cute guys!!! Cute guys!! and the exploitation of the junk music that they sing..

    To think that Lou Pearlman, that sleaze, probably had his way with most of the boy-band kids in this movie, since he created them... from NSYNC to O-Town.. the entire Transcontinental family of boy bands... I swear, if I was a rich, sleazy, fat slob who lusted after teen young men... that's how I'd get them... I'd start a management company to develop boy bands.. I can see it now ("sure, you're talented, but so are other guys who don't mind making an old man happy from time to time..... now think about how much you want that musical career.... so sign the contract, so I will promote you to death, work you to death.. and take All your money..... and I will own you....)

    I still can't believe that NSYNC participated in this... weren't they beyond things like this in 2000? Didn't they already separate from Lou Pearlman by then....? Or did this movie trigger all the "get me out of here" lawsuits...

    One cameo after another featuring bad puns related to that person's career..

    Longshot is what it is... a bad movie that doesn't pretend to be what it's not
  • jgusw29 May 2004
    Longshot is one of the weakest movies I've even seen! This could of been a great comedy, if it wasn't for the bad writing, bad acting, hell, the story in general is just dumb!! Oh and the cameos!! There are so many cameos it's ridiculous. Every 5 to 10 minutes there is a famous face. The "Captain" must of called up every manufactured pop star in Orlando, FL. Everyone in the movie is well built and polished like a Doll. Damn, I felt exploited after watching this crap. I wish I could sue Mr. Pearlman. This movie isn't terrible to people who like pop music, so let them waste their money on this masterpiece, and be ashamed they did 5 years from now! But, for the rest of us "Normal, level headed folks" make fun of it for what this garbage is!!
  • Okay...this movie was so great at being just terribly the words of Simon Cowell. Oh my God, I don't even know where to begin!

    First of all, I watched this movie because my pal told me that she got it for the cameos, which included people like O-Town, Britney Spears, and NSYNC, which we're fans of. I enjoyed O-Town at the beginning of the movie. I was a fan of Making The Band and I was hooked on it. So it was cool to see O-Town in that setting. It was just like watching Making The Band...almost, except they were acting..or attempting to act. It was great when you think of the rest of the movie.

    The rest of the cameos...Britney Spears plays a flight attendant. Wow...I guess that was practice for her "Toxic" video..Bah..She plays a flight attendant, has like two lines...Heh..not very memorable, but she looked cute. That was the sane, beautiful Britney we fell in love with...Anyway, then there's the *NSYNC guys...First came Lance with Brit on the plane. It was crap. He had a stupid little one liner with an *NSYNC pun..It was wack. Then came Justin, who was quite funny. He's a funny dude. Then there was JC and Joey.They cracked me up. They had some cool chemistry. And then came Chris which was okay...

    There were so many boy groups I'd never heard of. Okay, I heard of them but I couldn't tell who was who. They all looked alike. The one that killed me was the Rock. He wasn't advertised on the little DVD cover. I was soo surprised when he popped out as a "mugger" and got beat up by that stupid kid.

    Why am I wasting my time on this review? The acting sucked. The soundtrack was wack. There is a cheap little part when one of the 'leads' serenades his chick friend. OH HELL NO. Why, oh, why? I mean it was so terrible and painfully corny. I had to fast forward. It wasn't even funny, it was embarrassing. Ugh.

    The thing that made me sad was that Paul Sorvino was in it! I loved him in GoodFellas...I even loved him in See Spot Run. But LONGSHOT? Crapshot. It was just so sad that he let himself be bought into being in this movie.

    Lou Pearlman is such a disgusting sleazeball. He was present too many times. He's also not a genius. Sure he put together the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. But he can not put together a good movie. This movie totally lacks heart. It's all a ploy to get poplovers to buy this monkey crap. It lacks heart, actual acting talent, a gripping plot, good dialogue..Ugh. It was a complete waste of my life. It felt like it went on forever. No one should see this movie. NO ONE! It's too awful. I don't recommend it, not even for laughs because it is not funny, with the exception of Justin, JC, and Joey...maybe even the Rock..This movie would suck with or without the cameos...THE CHEETAH GIRLS was probably more enjoyable than this crap.
  • This movie is full of cameos of pop stars demonstrating their bad acting skills. The only reason I watched it was to see Topanga from Boy Meets World. I would not recommend this movie.
  • This movie was one of the worst I've ever sat through. I only kept watching after the first half hour in the hopes it MIGHT get better. The only good thing about this movie in my eyes were the cameos by the members of NSYNC that had me laughing. If I ever rented or bought this movie it would be to fast forward to those parts and skip the rest!
  • The brainchild of the man behind boy band pop star acts NSync and O-Town, Lou Pearlman's glossy, technicolor project offers an incoherent plot, a bunch of pointless cameos, and washed up actors and actresses compiled into a film that is as fulfilling and has the same amount of "staying power" as Pearlman's pop acts. What other film stars Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, The Rock, and Gilbert Goffried?? This is a sad sad piece of work. Worth to rent if you're getting drunk or high and want to make fun of a movie with friends. The only reason I rented this was to hear the song played during the car chase scene that was by a local band from my town--one of the only songs that doesn't resonate with an unforgettable pop tone.
  • Oy... I just saw this movie a little while ago and I could not believe how horrible it was! Generally I rented it to see the cameos by O-Town and NSync, but relented and watched the whole thing... I can not believe how bad it was!!!!! Lou Pearlman made a cameo appearance in the movie and I think that was a horrible idea... The fact that he had to be in the movie he funded and had his bands plugging it and cameoing in it was bad enough but combine that with bad acting and a horrible script, and you've got the worst movie I've ever seen... I would only recommend it if you want to see that stuff. Or unless you want to see short cameo appearances of Justin Timberlake as a valet, Britney Spears as a flight attendant and O-Town as, well, O-Town and we can't forget the dangling phone cords of Erik and Ashley as the salesmen of "Longshot" which Trevor orders..... Well you get the point... Bottomline: DON'T BOTHER!
  • That's how I felt after I had seen Longshot. My friend in college bought it and we watched it and were laughing so hard from the HORRIBLE dialogue, corny story-line, LAME boy band and Trans Con product placements, insipid characters and awkward situations. My friend and I watched it only because we're both fans of members of Nsync. Only watch if you have nothing else better to do with your time and don't spend more than 10 cents to rent or buy. Otherwise, FOR GOD'S SAKE STAY AWAY FROM THIS STINKBURGER!!!
  • Dumb, but funny if you're 16 and in love with almost every guy on the screen. Which happens to describe me. It's filled with the dumbest, yet funniest cameos I've seen in a while. If you're up on the songs sang by the people in this, you'll see why "Dumb, but funny..." fits it. Corny lines, but they're so corny they're funny.
  • ok yeah, this movie was cheap, and had almost no plot-line at all...i bought i on DVD pre-viewed for $9.99 at Blockbuster...i think it was a ten dollars WELL SPENT.

    you might argue that the movie was pointless except for Lou Pearlman to parade around his stars *most of whom by now are completely out the music business* but i think this movie is funny!! don't go into it expecting much, but if you like to laugh at stupidity, this movie is for you!!

    the lame lines, stupid cameos and just completely crazy people in it *The Rock as a MUGGER?! oh GOSH!* made me roll on the floor with laughter. If you're looking for a good time and you have a good sense of humor, DEFINITELY get this movie. It also might help if you're very into the pop scene and know who C-Note, LFO, etc are/were, cuz then you'll laugh even harder at seeing them actually in a movie! totally two thumbs way up for a hilarious time!
  • Everyone I know either loves this movie or hates it. Definitely fun for the younger crowd who will enjoy seeing their favorite popstars test their acting skills onscreen. Even "The Rock" has his first film role in this movie. Joey and JC from 'N SYNC have some great scenes and are surprisingly very funny.

    The plot, however, never has a real chance as music man Lou Pearlman is too busy cramming his business plugs in at every turn. You can tell everything decent was sacrificed so he could push his goods. But at least they don't take themselves too seriously as even the narration pokes fun at the film.

    Some of the acting is okay, Hunter Tylo and Paul Sorvino pull it off, but don't look for any Oscar nominations. Those who hate the movie were expecting way too much. It's really not that bad.
  • So I saw this movie, it lacks talent in all directions. It has a stupid story line, I have seen better acting in a subtitled movie unfortunately I could understand every word in this movie. The only reason I say to see this movie is for the hot bods and rad cameos. It has HOT men, and if you know all the celebs that make the cameos you'll at least find something to laugh at. Joey and JC from Nsync as Pizza boys was great, LFO member playing a Chip and Dale's dancer is great, Kenny Rogers, Britney Spears, The Rock, and many more is the only reason to see this movie. But let me warn you it's not a pretty movie! Just goes to show add some great cameos and you have a rented movie.
  • The last time I saw so many celebrities was on an MDA telethon. The only celeb missing was Jerry Lewis answering the phone. This movie had to be part of a charity benefit to get Britney Spears, N-Sync, Kenny Rogers, Art Garfunkel, Paul Sorvino, KC from the Sunshine Band and The Rock all to appear. Don't dare watch this movie if you've never looked at "YM" or "Seventeen" magazine. Otherwise, this is a film that will make you laugh out loud at its stupidity.
  • this was truly a horrible film. lacking both any story, and any talent in the areas of acting and direction. Gotta love the cameo by Britney Spears as flight attendant. bottom line...dont waste your time! seriously, if you're that bored, go find a blunt stick and poke yourself in the eye.
  • I loved this movie so much and they should play it on ABC family like they did an long time ago. But on the actor page for the Taylor brothers it didn't show an picture. They should put and movie poster and reshoot the movie and then download it onto an tape or DVD this way everyone who liked the movie could watch it whenever they wanted to. Also when the put some popstar members like Lance Bass that made the movie better in which they should do more often then maybe more people would like these peoples movies as much as I have. Well for my summary of this movie I say that it is great and any teenager that watches it will be entranced by it's magnificence and want to watch it over and over again.
  • Waaaaaay back, the only reason I heard about this movie was through the reality show Making The Band, I used to watch it, yes I am guilty of watching the first Making The Band and liking O-Town's music. So they mentioned not wanting to do the movie and I can see why.

    Out of curiosity I watched it and I have to say that...I didn't get it at all, Glitter had more plot than this crap. Maybe there were funny little moments in the movie like Justin Timberlake and such, but the movie is a total waste of time and money. It is so obvious that it was just a device to give these pop stars some more exposure and see if they could get money out of it.

    I'm surprised that the rating on this movie isn't any lower, because this really has to be one of the worst films in the history of movies.
  • Teenager Alex is shunned at school, a surprise since he is quite good looking. Maybe not making a crucial shot at the last basketball game was a factor. His guardian, older brother Jack, has no problems with the ladies. That is, until his 'personal fitness' career gets personal with the wrong female. Now, organized crime may want his scalp, if Jack doesn't do the mob tango and court beautiful Rachel (Hunter Tylo) to ascertain business secrets. Will Alex be in danger? Is there no way out for all parties? Tylo is one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet. If you agree and you love romantic tales, then you must must this film. Jack is quite an eyeful as well and Alex will probably make the younger female crowd go into rhapsodies, too. The plot is a bit silly but the triumph of the underdog is always a welcome storyline. There are those movie fans who will continually fight the good fight of finding another tale of kisses and happy endings. If you are one of these, keep your eyes peeled for this one at the video store or library.
  • nop_inc12 August 2003
    Another 90 minute commerical to boost sales for pop albums. the worst thing about it was the absence of a story line, and some of the stars ability to act. Basically, it's just another excuse to put a bunch of music stars in one movie. IMO i'd say that Da Hip Hop Witch had a way better plot. the highlights of the movie are Danielle Fishel and Paul Sorvino (the reason continued to watch). it also was kind of funny to see Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) get beat up by a 16 yr old. Just watch and see for yourself to see how bad you think it is.
  • I'll admit it-- I rented this movie for the *NSYNC cameos. And I'd say that they were the only good part of the film, but--considering I resorted to watching the entire thing in fast forward after the first 10 minutes of cinematic torture, scoping out the *NSYNC parts as I went--I might not be totally fit to comment.

    On a good note, *NSYNC's cameos--especially those by Chris, JC, and Joey--are light and funny.

    On a bad note, the rest of the film is absolute garbage.

    If you didn't think Lou Pearlman sucked before watching this movie, you will afterwards. In fact, much like *NSYNC, you'll want to sue Big Lou afterwards... to get your time and money back.
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