Michael: I always wanted to get my swerve on on my bike!

Stanley: Phil... Have you ever felt like you were just really meant to be with somebody? Like your whole life was just kind of this big mess that just kinda kept happening up until the day when this unbelievable person came into your life, and then suddently, you know, you didn't feel so lost anymore. You felt like everything you thought you'd been doing wrong in your life, you're actually doing it right, because that whole time she was coming closer to you. You just weren't smart enough to know it. Or... brave enough to just tell her.

Phil: Who's on the bus, who's on the bus, who's on the bus?

Mahareinlu: Mahareinlu.

Phil: Monnie MooMoo's on the bus and she's going to...

Mahareinlu: Cerritos California

Phil: Monnie Moo Moo's on the wrong bus.