Det. Greg McCormack: Dana, you can't sing.

Dana Plant: I can sing.

Det. Greg McCormack: Let's say for the sake of argument you can. You certainly don't do it in a way that would make a man attracted to you.

[re: the "Nipple Cam"]

Glenn Hall: This bothers you, doesn't it?

Dana Plant: I just can't believe technology has made it all the way to second base.

Roberta Young: By the by, I do know who I'm dealing with.

[snatches the lawyer's toupee]

Roberta Young: This goes in escrow.

Politician guy: I'm sure she's a very nice woman.

Dana Plant: But you never bothered to call her after. That's rich!

Glenn Hall: Dana.

Dana Plant: Glenn?

[Glenn shows Dana the "Nipple Cam"]

Dana Plant: Those have cameras in them?

Glenn Hall: Digital - and perky, too.

Dana Plant: Greg used to call it my "Hidden Temple".

Glenn Hall: Wow. You really didn't put out much, did you?

Dana Plant: My heart, Glenn. He said my heart was my "Hidden Temple".

Glenn Hall: He's definitely a killer. Look at those eyes.

Dana Plant: Oh, here we go, the eyes again.

Glenn Hall: That was a put down. We don't do put downs here.

Dana Plant: You called him a murderer.

Glenn Hall: I meant each other. We don't put down each other.

[Roberta and Glenn are fighting]

Dana Plant: Can't we all just get along?

Glenn Hall: Oh, listen to police woman, here. First, you gotta beat up Rodney King. Now, you're stealing his lines.