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  • It's about time network TV gave us a fun and entertaining PI series in the spirit of Moonlighting, Magnum PI, et al. Such works have been sadly absence during the past few seasons of "let's all look alike" newsmagazines and hospital dramas.

    Snoops is fun, compelling and stylish. The cast, especially Gina Gershon and Paula Marshall, are gorgeous, intelligent and captivating enough to carry you through any momentary lull in the action. The first few episodes provided a fresh and rewarding ride that I hope will continue through this and future seasons.
  • It's way too bad that "Snoops" was cancelled. I loved this show soooo incredibly much!! Gina Gershon was absolutely fabulous, and the scripts were campy and fun. Another brilliant show from David E. Kelley, but it didn't survive sadly.
  • This show has great potential. It can be fun and serious in the "dramedy" vein of Ally McBeal, but they need to scale back the V.I.P look slightly. The acting talent far surpasses anything on the latter show, especially Gershon and Marshall. I loved Paula Marshall on Cupid (a show which did not deserve the ax) and Gina Gershon is smoldering in everything. If David E. Kelley maintains his creative vision for the show (while not necessarily writing every episode) it should do well. I've heard this probably won't be the case, which would be a shame.
  • I really love this show but so sad this series never really took off. Snoops is Showing in the UK right now on the Zone Romantica Channel every Saturday and Sunday. When I first viewed this show I thought it was a fresh new TV show. But I was shocked to learn that Snoops lasted for only one season from 1999 – 2000. Gina Gershon is excellent as Glenn Hall she's cool, sexy glamorous, feisty, and sassy as the head of Glenn Hall Agency. Gina is just so fantastic I've always been a fan of the actress and her work. She is a joy to watch because every time Gina's on screen she tends to steal every scene from Paula Marshall. Gina lights up the screen with her beauty and I love her pouty lips she just oozes sex appeal as well as a bad ass attitude. It's just such a shame this show got cancelled I have never seen anything so cool and funny well not on UK screens! Again I have to say that Gina is fantastic to watch on Snoops she has the best lines. Snoops is well worth a watch if you just want to see the wonderful Gina Gershon in action. I give this show a 10/10.
  • Mike16x25 September 1999
    I just saw the first episode of Snoops, and I was quite impressed, most series premiers are kind of boring. I was very intersted, and Gina Gershon kept me glued to the screen.

    I don't think this show is capable of an emmy, it is just a fun show to watch on a saturday night ..
  • My, oh, my Mr. Kelley... How much of yourself did you sell so that the NBC executives would think that this blatant V.I.P. rip-off would be a good idea?


    For the uninformed (I don't blame you), Snoops is basically V.I.P. without the camp but with David E. Kelley's name behind it. That's it. End of description. Even Snoops' premise is identical to V.I.P. Then the scripts "borrows" very old, very overdone plot lines that's been done since the '80's, if not done earlier and/or done better.

    My advice: The original is always better than its clones. So watch V.I.P. instead of this.
  • I loved this show, and was really bummed when it ended,(my fiancée makes fun of me for it) but I think it was hurt by David E. Kelley's other successful Programs (ally McBeal, etc...) putting it low on the priority list... This had smart, funny, REAL characters that had heart, plus ass-kicking chicks and Gina Gershon! D.E.K. seemed have a knack for strong female roles, but unfortunately he delivered nothing but crap after this... c'Mon Boston Public? Boston Legal?? And it looks like he's trying to do yet ANOTHER legal series....ugh!! I believe Paula Marshall had a recurring role on Veronica Mars for awhile (as Veronica's guidance counselor) but no Snoops news, Any news on a DVD release??? please???
  • Today August 18, 2002, I just saw the 13th and last episode of this show. I was very interested, and Gina Gershon kept me glued to the screen. I don't think this show is capable of an Emmy, it's just a great show to watch on a sunday night ... Sorry it had already to end here... ;-[
  • I'm so sad that this intelligent and funny show was cancelled because of low viewers. Official reason was "VIP (with Pam Anderson)" was better. So not true...

    This show had everything already and was moving into the right directions to become really popular just because all characters were already formed in the pilot. It would have been a challenging task for writers to go on with the plots. There are so many stories worth to be told about Glen Hall and her fellows...
  • And that is not a compliment! Yesterday I was subjected to a two-hour block of these paltry shows. The Practice is the alleged "good" one, and this is the one that's supposed to be so bad(I've heard) that if it weren't for David E. Kelley's name behind it, it would be gone. Well, if the folks behind "Snoops" are worried about it's quality and pace, they shouldn't be. Believe me, this is no better or worse than "The Practice." As a matter of fact: it IS The Practice with different characters and different surroundings. For Kelley fans, I guess that's good, but for somebody who hasn't really LIKED a law show since "Feds" left the air in 1996: do we need clones of these shows to keep junking up the air? Honestly, The Practice is bad enough.

    I think what made this one "different" is that it's about girl detectives played by actresses that I would never in the least buy in such career positions. Anyway, they were investigating some cult and in vivid David E. Kelley "style", the religious girl was all bad(and utterly grating. I'm not sure who played her, but I wasn't impressed with her screaming)and the "snoops" said "profound" lines about why. I'm sure their was more to the "plot" but I didn't catch it. All I know is that that "masterpiece" The Practice has done a similar show before, as have Picket Fences and probably LA Law and whatever else this guy is behind. But I won't worry about the last two, since those at least had the occasional good episode and are also not on the air. The one that bothers me is The Practice and they shouldn't make the new Kelley show just like it, but it seems that that's what they're doing. I most certainly will NOT tune in when a "snoop" is having a dead-serious conversation about sexual repression with a man, as two characters did on yesterday's episode of The Practice. How tasteless can you get?
  • So far I enjoy the show. It's interesting and funny. The cast has a lot of chemistry between them and are all very good actors. It's enjoyable to see what gadgets show up in the show (nipple cams?!?).I hope the show can maintain its entertainment value.
  • carrie9927 September 1999
    Gina Gershon, best known (at least to me) for her role in Showgirls, is a PI who breaks a lot of rules to get results. She is joined by a cop, a guy who likes to put people to sleep with a tranquilizer dart gun, and a secretary who dresses like a hooker. I liked the music. If you want to see Gina, rent Showgirls- she's much better nude. If you want to see a good PI series, try to find The Rockford Files!
  • Firstly i would like to shake my fist at amerinca network abc for depriving us of this show. it's started in ireland a little while ago and it's good fun. Following a pi agency that doesn't follow the rules the stories are interesting and gina gershon smolders. i'd like to thank david e kelley fore the ep where one of the characters pretends to be gay to follow someone going fomr lite to drak as the guy is beaten up by gay bashers. an interesting series check it out if you can.