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  • CJXzoic197022 September 2003
    Not bad -- Don't really think it's a clone of Pulp Fiction, it's more a nod to Japanese gangster filmaking with the morality frustrated hitman with his dimwitted protege tying him down. Good acting from all involved, Michael Rappaport annoyed the hell out of me but that was what he was supposed to do, Gary Stretch was impressive first time seeing him, Robin Givens didn't annoy me as usual and the Ralph Macchio/Ally Sheedy assassin team!! They were hot, I could see a sequel concentrating on their bizarre hitman team easily. Good to see Ralph back, I had actually assumed it was somebody else till I traced his acting credits on here. Similar to Japanese filmaking the quick flashbacks/thoughts in the assassin's heads was a nod to that as well as the gritty New York landscape that didn't gloss anything in the grungey city. Kudos to the excellent cinematography The weird cutaway to the claymation scene also was a nod to Japanese films. Albeit could have been cut out it added to the weirdness. (Why would one remember their past in claymation?!) And that was a penthouse where dude had the chickens?? Au' vey! Weird but cool!

    Not a bad film but wish the plot could have been tweaked not knowing what the hell was going on most the time. I concentrated on mainly the character development and interaction then cared what the hell they were doing concerning the plot most the time. Would have been an excellent movie they beefed up the storyline. Think, how original can you get these days after thousands of films are available! Good luck to those who can. I'm writing scripts myself and it is no easy task!! As for now, tired of main frame fair @ the local video store try this kooky little gem with no plot and have fun.
  • A Good Night to Die is a down and dirty New York film. It is about a likable hit man named Ronnie, his not so bright protege, August, and an eventful day in their lives.

    Michael Rappaport gives the most powerful performance of his career as the dim witted and intense student of the hit man arts. Gary Stretch plays the main character who goes to extreme lengths to protect his protege whom he feels responsible for bringing into their world. I've never heard of Mr. Stretch but I'm sure we all will very soon. He seems to jump off the screen and sit in your lap.

    A entirely unrecognizable Ralph Macchio plays a psychotic killer with his partner (you never really know their exact relationship, but whatever it is, it's really weird) played by Ally Sheedy (always a bonus to see Ralph Macchio and Ally Sheedy play a murderous, psychotic duo)

    Deborah Harry and Seymour Casell play rival mob bosses but this is more than your standard "the mob is after me" kind of movie.

    The movie is filmed mainly in the streets of New York City. You can practically smell the city. One particular rooftop assassination scene really stands out. There was something very disturbing and wrong about how the person was done in.

    I highly recommend this movie.
  • I saw this movie at its premier at the Tribeca film festival. The director was in the theatre so the desire to laugh out loud was quelched, but looking back I'm not quite sure how I managed to contain myself. This was almost a good movie, the dialogue was good, the acting was good...the dialogue was good. The biggest problem was that it had many long, well written, funny scenes that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie. It meandered to the point where I had no idea where the film was going, and had already stopped caring. At one point the film stops in the middle of a graphic action scene to do a long, creepy claymation sequence that came completely out of left field. It wasn't a bad scene, it just didn't make any sense in context. There was definitely some talented people involved in making this movie, to bad that doesn't equal a good movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ok Folks, if you liked Pulp Fiction....then you are going to LOVE `A good Night to Die.' I found myself completely taken by these characters. They were so well written and acted, the language flows so nicely that it actually makes you like these brutal killers. The movie leaves you thinking about it at the end. You know you have just seen a good movie when days later you are still debating about the characters and what they were thinking with your friends! If you like violence, excitement and surprises, this movie is for you! I give it a `two thumbs up.'
  • Much like Pulp Fiction, Singer pulls out great performances from the most unlikely actors (Ralph Macchio & Ally Sheedy in particular). If enough people see the film, it could revive their careers.

    Visually intriguing, yet somewhat thin on plot is a way to describe the film. But I found it riveting the first time through.

    For people complaining about never seeing anything different, that it's always the same old junk, plot lines, scene set-ups, etc. --- this is a movie to see. If nothing else, it is out of the ordinary.

    Without revealing the end, I'd be curious to see what others thought of the end in terms of who ordered which hits? (Be glad to hear from you via e-mail @

    No it's not a great one, but it is an interesting work from a director who clearly has something to say, and has an unusual way of saying it. Hopefully, we'll be seeing his name on more films in the future. I, for one at least, will be on the lookout for his work.
  • torritiger2 March 2005
    This is one of the coolest films I have ever seen. It got better from one scene to the next and I loved the acting. I think I liked the August character the best but Ronnie was really great too. The direction was really great. This film really stayed with me. I liked the way the story unfolded. Some films are so predictable but not this one. I was on a very interesting ride and loved the way everything came together in the end. I thought the music was OK but visually I have to give this film an "A" Plus! I wish there were more Hollywood films like this. I think A Good Night to Die ROCKED! I read that this filmmaker was doing a horror film and hope it's as good as this one.
  • chet1916 August 2003
    A weak attempt at the Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Guns genre, this film contains incoherent scenes where the director tries too hard to put his mark on the screen. You're watching a gangster film one moment, then all of a sudden, you see the characters in claymation acting out the next scene. You see a murder, then every time the murder is mentioned later, you have to see it again via if the director thought we'd forget the murder that happened 4 minutes ago? The plot lacks too. One of those frustrating plots where a professional business-like hitman has a retard, loud-mouth protege/buddy who screws every hit up. Instead of whacking the "buddy" for screwing up (which would happen in real life), the hitman gives him chance after chance. Terribly unrealistic. Boring scenes that add nothing to the plot include some dude who raises chickens in his penthouse (why was the hitman even there? To kill him, buy guns, or what??) and a producer who wants to make the hitman's life into a tv show. Great casting and acting though. I didn't even recognize the Karate Kid and barely recognized Blondie. Mike Tyson's 1st wife and the dude who played Brett in Pulp Fiction were great.
  • This is one of the stupidest movies, one of the most pointless movies out there, and now for the bad news. The entire film is both boring and unpleasant. You get characters who without exception are all drunk with their own self importance. You get a script that jumps time frames like a hurdler on drugs. There is absolutely no rhythm of any kind, and long tedious, meaningless, conversations permeate the film. On top of all that, the camera induced speed ups and slow downs, are nothing but annoying artsy crap. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie with less entertainment value.............................................................. "A Good Night to Die" is truly one of the worst. - MERK
  • this film is a joy after the usual run-of-the-mill indie mediocrities. the story is taut and well written and the director demonstrates the deft touch of an accomplished storyteller. kudos to the director of photography who seems to have unlocked the new york city visuals in such a story-friendly manner. special admiration for the acting of michael rappoport who steals the show. his talents alone are worth the price of admission. this is a sharp little number that can just be enjoyed for its own sake, without all the pretensions of so many films that cry out to be dissected by the "critics". this is the type of film that sundance wishes it could generate.
  • I thought that this movie was a lot of fun. It was an interesting story about a half-whitted hitman. I must say that I was very impressed with the cast of this Independent film! There were some excellent faces of the past: Ralph Macchio, Debbie Harry, Ally Sheedy and Robin Givens. I'm a fan of Michael Rapaport's which prompted me to rent this film. His performance was not disappointing. I found this movie to be very entertaining and I would recommend it to other users who like violent, exciting cinema. I should warn viewers that there were a few very disturbing violent scenes in movie. If you don't like violence then you should re-think renting or buying this movie.
  • While I was reluctant at first, my friend convinced me to rent this film. This film was one of the best I've seen this year. The acting was fantastic, the story kept me guessing and the directing was tight yet imaginative. This is the kind of filmmaker that I'd like to follow. I rented Craig Singers first film "Animal Room" it was real good but too dark for me.

    I also heard about a film called Dead Dogs Lie but have had no luck in finding. read he is working on a horror film and I'll definitely check that out. I recommend this film for anyone who wants to see a true indie classic.
  • I saw this movie the other night at a friend's house. I had never heard of it, and had only heard of one or two of the stars, but I gave it a chance anyway. It reminded me a lot of Pulp Fiction, but this wasn't as good as Pulp Fiction. It had some memorable parts, but the plot and story were a little hard to follow at times. Flashbacks can be a good technique to use in a movie, but this film used too many. It made some of the film a little confusing and hard to watch. There's a clay and animated part in the movie that is just so out of place--I don't really know what they were trying to do there, but it didn't work for me. The acting was pretty good and I liked the dialog though. There's nothing here that really hasn't been seen before, but I'd probably watch it again. Despite it all, pretty entertaining. Check it out.
  • SnoopyStyle10 November 2016
    Ronnie (Gary Stretch) befriends jittery August (Michael Rapaport) and later mentors him to be a hit man. Three years later, August gets into trouble killing the wrong man who turns out to be a made man. Ronnie tries to save August despite the objections of his wife Dana (Robin Givens). He does work for Madison (Debbie Harry) to buy time for August. On the other hand, he's cheating with Ronnie's girlfriend and his ex Paige. Killing couple slash siblings Donnie (Ralph Macchio) and Marie (Ally Sheedy) are working for mobster Guy (Seymour Cassel).

    Director Craig Singer is trying way too hard borrowing various styles. He tries to do superfluous funny dialog but it's nowhere as sharp as Tarantino. He uses quick edits, philosophizing, and time flashbacks but it all feels derivative. Sometimes, it gets interesting but the central plot struggles to advance in this meandering flow. Stretch doesn't have enough charisma to lead. Macchio and Sheedy have a great nostalgia factor. Overall, this tries too much and ends up with a bit of a mess.
  • Two hit men are fast friends. One the mentor of the other. But in the end the mentor is killed by the mentee and the mentee is then done in by?? Little plot, people are being taken out by the two hit men as the story unfolds in flash backs. Scenes fast forward then go slow motion for no apparent reason only adding disappointment to the already annoying dialogue. Multiple subtle sex scenes of head giving add nothing. Unrealistic scenes of shootings, particularly early in the movie where the main character gets to a roof top set up to do in a guy across the street. The lineman telephone is conveniently laying next to the junction box and the rifle is already under a tarp waiting to be used. Give me a break. The movie was filmed in NY City prior to 9-11 as the WTC towers are in the back ground of one scene, but Imdb says released in 2003. Guess they were trying to get up enough nerve to flash it in public. I gave it a 3/10 and two thumbs down.
  • Craig Singer's third independent feature film, is a fast-paced crime comedy featuring an all-star cast. Gary Stretch plays Ronnie, a hit-man who, three years prior, vouched for his pal and fellow contract killer, August, played by Michael Rapaport (Zebrahead, Mighty Aphrodite, Deep Blue Sea, Boston Public). Unfortunately for Ronnie, over the years, August has gotten himself into some trouble and made a few enemies. Now, over the course of one day, Ronnie has to somehow clean up all of August's messes or both men will be facing the consequences of their unhappy bosses. In addition to Frank Whaley and Seymour Cassel, the supporting cast boasts a bevy of 1980s artifacts including Ralph Macchio, Robin Givens, Deborah Harry, and Ally Sheedy. A Good Night to Die screened at Robert De Niro's 2003 Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.
  • A Good Night To Die is a must see! This modern New York mobster film explodes with originality, humor and energy. The performances of the cast which consisted primarily of pop icons from the last quarter century consistently hits the mark, reminding the viewer of why they were fans in the first place.

    The dialogue is lyrical yet rolls out of the actors mouths with the punch of a DeLillo novel. The director, Craig Singer and writer, Robert Klein take the viewer beyond the typical mobster film and raises it to the level of The Soprano's with the protagonist's struggle with loyalty and friendship.
  • kleecas3 November 2005
    My friend rented this film and while I really wasn't expecting much I have to admit it was one of the best indie films I have ever seen. I thought the story was interesting but what I really loved was the style and way it was shot. The director really did a fantastic job keeping me engaged and guessing. I see lots of "NY" type stories but this film was totally fresh and really stayed with me - I also liked the August character. They should do another film with him and Ronnie alone but I guess thats not an option at this point. I think it they should make more films like this - I hate all the same stuff over and over again and really liked the twists this film kept delivering. I am going to keep a look out for Mr. Singers next film. Some of the scenes were pretty out there but that's why I guess I liked it so much. The dream scene was so bad ass!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This would have to be the worst gangster movie ever made. It had no direction to follow, the characters were weak and the acting 4th rate. This movie is best used as a coaster to place your drink on. Do not waste your time with this crap you would have a better time sleeping on a nest of bull ants. This movie could have been over in 3 minutes and it would have still had as much interesting things in it. Note to movie maker: If this is the sort of tripe you are going to serve up don't bother. Thios was obviously a low budget film and whatever money was spent on it was very much wasted. This movie should not have been made but as it was August should have been killed off in the first scene to save us from 2 hours of boredom. CRAP CRAP CRAP Even when August got killed it was an anticlimax.