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  • Note that I say "movie" and not "film". I was dragged to see this, but I found myself really liking it. The chemistry is wonderful and even though the storyline isn't the most original thing in the world, it has enough spark to keep it going. Definitely more of a rent-able movie, but let down your guard about teen flicks. This one is pretty good. :)
  • In an era when "teenage-girl movies" run rampant, it is easy to dismiss this as just another flick targeted to make young girls squeal over Freddie Prinze Jr or one of his 20-something cohorts. Boys and Girls, however, is different. It presents itself with much more class, and comedy, than most other films of its genre. Boys and Girls has an engaging story that makes the audience connect, emotionally, with the problems of the main characters. The film has more than one story that it follows. It touches on the lives of four different college students and their failing attempts at social interaction. Its involving story line is strengthened by the funny parts, too. Each character has their own unique quirks that make the viewing experience that much more enjoyable. Boys and Girls leaves many other films of merit in its dust and deserves much more recognition than it has received.
  • All the critics seem to be saying that this movie is trying to be "When Harry Met Sally" and failing miserably at it, instead of seeing what a nice change of pace it is to see a romantic movie about two people who don't cuss and run around naked. I get so tired of seeing the same plot line over and over and then when someone makes an original movie like "Boys and Girls" it is bashed because people say it is boring. It is not boring, it just contains great dialogue instead of the usual lame boyfriend girlfriend story where they all try to figure out who to sleep with next or what funny sex scene they can come up with. It is incredibly sweet and it contains a great performance by the wonderful Claire Forlani. She is such an incredible actress and no one seems to notice. The same thing happened with "Meet Joe Black" because it had wonderful dialogue and no one saw that either. I think people just don't like movies with any character development that may actually cause you to think about anything other than what will blow up next. If you want to see something that takes a little effort to understand, then go see "Boys and Girls". The dance scene alone is worth the $7.00.
  • Boys and Girls is a predictable but fun look at two young people who are friends with potential. This movie follows Ryan, an uptight nerdy type who feels all life should be planned out to the very minute. Enter Jennifer, a quirky fun and free girl who is out to enjoy life as the adventure it is. Ryan and Jennifer meet a few times over the years before finally settling into a comfortable friendship at college. Where will their relationship go as they share more of their lives together? It's an obvious movie with an incredibly close resemblance to When Harry Met Sally (somewhat less clever than its grownup counterpart, but cute nonetheless). Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlaini have wonderful chemistry and are fun to watch (especially in the dance club scene). Ryan's best friend and Jennifer's best friend are played by Jason Biggs and Amanda Detmer with whimsical freedom. They provide much of the comic relief and are an enjoyable distraction from the plot. If you want a little escape from life for a few hours, this movie is just the light, enjoyable distraction you could be looking for.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, technically, it was kind of predictable in the case that boy meets girl, boy and girl encounter turbulence in relationship, and then boy and girl end up back together at the very end of the movie. However, let me ask you this: How else is a romantic comedy suppose to go? I challenge anyone who isolates this flick's unoriginality as the reason for their dislike to come up with a better overall plot for a romantic comedy. I think that the writers did an excellent job of adding onto the generic template and making this film enjoyable to watch. First of all there's the whole thing with "fated" meetings where the two main characters seem just unable to get away from each other which adds that sweet "soul mates" ideal (even though I personally don't buy into that stuff, there is an undeniable charm to the idea). Then there is the still-unoriginal-but-not-yet-hackneyed idea of attempting a mere friendship between the guy and the girl. Finally, there is the inevitable falling in love, the relationship problems, and then the falling back in love towards the end of the movie. As a matter of fact, the only problem I have with the script is the miniscule hypocrisy found in it: at some point in the movie, Jennifer states that a romance movie never shows the affect of time on long term relationships, and this movie was not an exception as it ends with them making up and going off to live "happily ever after".

    Now we can look at the undeniable chemistry and superb acting of the two main characters, Ryan and Jennifer. The interactions of these two characters is the classic example of not getting along as kids but falling in love as adults. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani are two of the up and coming celebrities of teen movies and I personally feel that they did their part in this movie by acting well. Also, the principle humor of this movie did not lie in the common slapstick or sexual humor, although Jason Biggs does add in those factors hilariously. I think the main characters came off as more intellectual (as one majors in engineering and the other in Latin) so the writers aimed more towards clever jokes, anecdotes, and quip remarks which, to me, seemed just as hilarious as Jason Biggs's antics.

    All in all, this isn't the BEST movie in the world, but it IS definitely a good movie if you want to watch a movie that will make you feel like Love is something real and not just some random idea that people have in their heads.
  • Sometimes you want to watch a film, not to hugely stimulate the mind but to stimulate the heart and this one did it for me. The romantic concept was a familiar one of boy and girl meet but don't seem to get together and they become 'friends' but when they do strife comes of it. The ending may have been predictable but it was uplifting and very sweet and even though it's just a film you come out feeling optimistic that maybe happy endings do exist.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ryan Walker (Prinze) & Jennifer Burrows (Forlani) have a history that goes way back, all the way to the time they met each other randomly on a flight. It continues off and on until college. The only problem is that both are in a relationship and they have contrasting personalities. Jennifer is funny, perceptive, wise, and beautiful. Ryan is an uptight mess that doesn't like to be out of his comfort zone. After a while, they become great friends. Things get a bit complicated when they develop feelings for each other.

    I saw this when it first came out years ago, strangely enough, I remember digging it. That is far from the case this time around. I was never bored, but it's one of the disingenuous romantic comedies I've seen in some time. Nothing in this movie felt genuine at all, despite the potential to be so. Right off the bat, we get conversations about orgasms and periods. When a romantic comedy pulls out all the stops in the beginning to try to get cheap laughs, you know you're in trouble. It tries to be clever and perceptive about the pratfalls of relationships to no avail. Despite the lame start, this movie did have potential to be a decent romantic comedy. It doesn't have the cast or the script to pull it off. It's also filled with unfunny slapstick that produces more groans than anything else. The only scene I laughed at is when Jason Biggs fakes being a priest and has a pool ball incident at a bar. That almost had me in stitches. The main problem is that I had trouble empathizing with any of the characters. All of them are rather obnoxious except for Biggs. Freddie Prinze Jr is a good guy in real life, but acting should have never been in his calling. His wooden style is painfully obvious. He lacks chemistry with Forlani and really brought the film down. Claire Forlani fares better and has the charm to spare. She's also gorgeous, but I felt her character was quite pretentious. There were a couple of times I wanted to smack her. Jason Biggs will never be known as a great actor, but I think he's funny. He injected some much needed life with his antics in this movie. The finale is completely clichéd and predictable. Forlani's monologue in the end made me cringe with how forced it sounded. Alyson Hannigan is wasted as a brief girlfriend of Prinze's. Amanda Detmer is OK as Forlani's odd friend.

    I wouldn't exactly call it horrible, but it was certainly mediocre for the most part. It comes across as extremely awkward and very phony. Romantic Comedy enthusiasts may wanna give this a look, but you're not missing anything

  • sjr5911 January 2003
    This film may be predictable, but it is so in a good way. I found it fun yet thoughtful at the same time. Its a Romantic Comedy that has something about it that makes you laugh out loud or cringe with embarrassment! I reccomend this film to anyone who wants a good laugh and a good cry! I give it 8/10.
  • oceanicitl17 February 2004
    Thoroughly enjoyed the film. The chemistry between Freddie and Claire was great. Would recommend this to anyone who loved 'When Harry met Sally'. Jason Biggs is great as the best friend showing more character than in the American Pie films. If you like Claire Forlani then you must watch 'Meet Joe Black'!!
  • I loved this movie. First time I've seen Claire Forlani, but it won't be the last. Freddie Prinze, Jr. was Freddie Prinze, Jr., but Claire Forlani was terrific. I liked this movie so much that I have it on tape and watch parts of it over and over again. Lots of people didn't seem to like this movie much. Maybe, I liked so much because it reminded me of my college days in the 60's, in particular, how my wife and I got together there. I'd give this movie an 8 out of 10.
  • BOYS AND GIRLS, in my opinion, is a very sweet, heart-warming, and romantic movie. From now on, whenever I watch it, I will be reminded of my ex-boyfriend. This is because we saw this movie in the theaters right before he headed off to college. The one person I really couldn't stand was Amy (Amanda Detmer). In my opinion, Hunter/Steve (Jason Biggs) was absolutely wacko. I laughed really hard when he got punched by a girl in dance class when he asked her how far she could bend. In conclusion, to all you Jason Biggs or Freddie Prinze Jr. fans who have not seen this film, I highly recommend it. Prepare to laugh and be touched when you see it.
  • Yes, I simply love this movie. I love this kind of movie, that has both romance and comedy in it. And Claire Forlani is brilliant, here acting skills is huge and she's THE most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Freddy Prince is good too, plays great, and his role is great. Jason Biggs' role is very funny, and gives the movie the comedy touch, that I love.

    What more can I say??... I love it, and I think it's brilliant... It's a MUST SEE.
  • bsinc16 September 2002
    This was a nice surprise, mostly because it's a rare occasion to see a movie with Claire Forlani. Freddie Prinze is terrible at the beginning of this movie, I thought he kind of looked and talked like Christopher Reid, the brotha with the funny haircut from "Class act". Anyway, thankfully he recovers in the second half. Jason Biggs is Ok, and provides some very funny moments. But the best part of this movie were the dialogues. They were talking about the same things I usually talk (or think) about with my friends. I probably wouldn't have bothered to watch the movie, had it not been for Mrs. Forlani. But it turned out to be different from the rest of the recent teen movies(American Pie and Road Trip excluded). It was smart! The ending is predictable, personally I'd rather have the sort of "Chasing Amy" ending, but hey nothing is perfect, right. Except maybe for Claire Forlani.
  • It seems I'm going against the stream here. Pretty much everyone else here seems to like this movie, although I really, REALLY can't possibly imagine why.

    Until this day, I used to compare all crappy movies to "Isolation". A horrible attempt at a horror-movie, involving of all things a cow. But as of now, whenever I see a really bad movie, I'm going to think "Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Boys and Girls".

    This movie is about... eh.. two people - a girl and a boy - who bump into each other at random places at regular intervals. And when they do, they start a boring conversation that usually ends with them disagreeing over something pointless, and parting again. These dialogs are not at all funny, not interesting, and most of the time, they don't make any sense at all.

    The editing is also confusing. Entire years pass by in a cut without any indication hereof, other than the changing hairstyles of the characters. Several breakups take place, without you even knowing they were dating in the first place. And the shallowness - oh, the shallowness. You will hear dialog resembling: "So, I just got dumped. Are you still with your boy-/girlfriend, because if not, we can like hook up". And here I was, thinking romantic movies were supposed to have at least some romance.

    So, no romance. And seeing as not a single sentence or scene in this movie was even remotely funny to me, I wouldn't call it a comedy either. And the drama kind of disappears when the dialog doesn't make sense, and the characters are impossible to sympathize with. That really leaves an hour and a half of absolutely NOTHING.

    Watch at your own risk.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Boys and Girls (2000): Dir: Robert Iscove / Cast: Freddie Prinze Jr., Claire Forlani, Jason Biggs, Amanda Detmer, Heather Donahue: Dimwitted mess about gender differences. It stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani who have been friends since he was twelve. They go through a string of failed romances until the idiot plot brings us to the obvious. Directed by Robert Iscove who made the somewhat better yet nonetheless stupid She's All That. He must be in some sort of desperate casting dilemma to get stuck with Prinze Jr. twice. He is not expanding himself and remains in that constant teen appeal. Forlani is a pretty face in need of material better than this. She seems smarter than the predictable tripe she gets stuck with here. In supporting roles is Jason Biggs who wishes to impress women through lies. My best advice for him is never to admit to being in this film. Amanda Detmer plays Forlani's lesbian roommate. Her sexuality is suppose to make her appear interesting or rebellious but it plainly looks tacked on as if the screenwriter was merely writing a type as oppose to a real human being with a personality beyond anything this film offers. Heather Donahue isn't exactly making a splash after The Blair Witch Project, and this will not increase her odds. The film should have examined gender differences. The script should be folded into a paper airplane and darted down a sewer. Score: 1 / 10
  • ..the only reason to watch begins at the thirty-six minute mark and lasts approximately three minutes. Otherwise the entire remainder of this movie is mindless banter between the two of spewing more absurd dialogue than the other. Without a doubt she is easy on the eyes, but when she opens her mouth that's when the trouble starts. Someday it might be nice to see her in a film where she is not acting and talking like a complete airhead. Box Office Mojo indicates this film unbelievably made twenty-five million dollars worldwide, be that the case, it just shows how much trouble the culture is in. Watch the three minutes (like watching a short music video).. and do yourself a big favor and take a pass on all the rest.
  • Jennifer Burrows (Claire Forlani) and Ryan Walker (Freddie Prinze Jr.) first time meet on a flight to LA as kids. Four years later, they both go to the same high school. She's the home coming queen and a free spirit. He's the lowly geeky mascot. Then at Berkeley, he's the geeky guy with high school girlfriend Betty (Alyson Hannigan) who's going away to Seattle. He has a roommate (Jason Biggs), and runs into Jennifer again who gets dumped by her committed boyfriend.

    What's with Jason Biggs' hair? Forlani's character is wildly inconsistent. Her persona is a little more serious than this free spirit character. Freddie is not the geeky boy type. They're both miscast for their roles. There isn't anything undeniably wrong with this movie, but it just doesn't have the charm. It doesn't have any comedy either.
  • ebiros221 October 2012
    The movie captures the outstanding beauty of San Francisco bay area. In reality, the area isn't as glossy looking (there are many poor areas, and poorly maintained areas) as in the movies, but if you look carefully, there are areas like those shown in the movie.

    Movie's treatment of life as a college student at UC Berkeley is just as glossy. UC Berkeley is only school that I know of that the campus is part of the town that the school is located. There are no perimeter set that isolates the University from the surrounding town. School merges right in with the town. This contrasts sharply with Stanford, that's across the bay where its campus is isolated from its surrounding town of Palo Alto by quite an expanse of land and roadways.

    Is life in school like shown in the movie ? Well that's made extra glossy too. The movie should be viewed as a situational drama that's situated in UC Berkeley. College life aren't like what's shown in the movie either. These are kids from super privileged household if they really existed.

    Movie's plot is very predictable. What else would boys and girls in college do ? I thought it could have had bit more charm, and/or more story to it.

    For those who might have fallen in love with San Francisco bay area after seeing this movie, the area is no doubt beautiful, but isn't as new or glamorous as the picture shows it to be. It is now an over crowded place with danger of major earth quake looming.
  • jboothmillard17 October 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    The film opens with a song called "Love Stinks", that should be retitled "This Film Stinks", because it does, from director Robert Iscove (She's All That). Basically Ryan Walker and Jennifer Burrows met each other as youngsters on a plane, and seven years, they encounter each other again in UC Berkeley high school. Jennifer (Meet Joe Black's Claire Forlani) is quick, witty, ironic, literary and independent, and Ryan (I Know What You Did Last Summer's Freddie Prinze Jr.) is deliberate, literal, serious and studying structural engineering. They become best friends, consoling each other over break-ups, and Ryan shares his plans, Ryan's roommate Hunter/Steve (American Pie's Jason Biggs) is surprised they aren't getting together. Jennifer is going to Italy after graduation, and surprisingly they spend a night together, after which she skitters away saying they should just be friends, and he is withdrawing also. In the end though, very predictable, Ryan and Jennifer end up on the Italy plane together, and they do accept they love each other, while Hunter (in a small subplot) finds his perfect girl with Jennifer's friend Amy (Final Destination's Amanda Detmer). Also starring The Blair Witch Project's Heather Donahue as Megan and American Pie's Alyson Hannigan as Betty. Prinze Jr. is too good looking to be a nerd with glasses, Forlani is the wrong person for the character, and Biggs with his weird coloured hair is just too much like Jim with a tiny bit of Stifler added, and what was with that extra scene in the credits where he farts with some models?! Hardly funny and too predictable, it just doesn't have the same spark as something like American Pie. Pretty poor!
  • pdxchx19 October 2000
    Don't waste your time renting this one if you're in the mood for a good, funny, feel-good teen romance--rent _Drive Me Crazy_ instead. This one is almost, but not quite, as bad as _Down to You_. If, on the other hand, you loved _Down to You_ this is the piece of rubbish for you. It was billed as very funny, and it's not, and it was billed as very romantic, and it's not, and it did nothing to improve my overall mood.
  • my cousin introduced me to the film after it hit video. since then it has been one of my favorites. OK, so it is basically a re-make of when harry met sally (also one of my favs) and initially i thought the editing could be better in the beginning. it seems hurried or forced unlike the seamless transition between periods of time in when harry met sally. despite it's flaws though i love this movie. maybe it's just a personal thing for me because i always found myself in Freddie Prinz Jr.'s situation. getting stuck in the friend zone, lol. and Claire Forlani's character is absolutely my kinda woman. i love her quirky, off-the-wall intellectual humor. that's the kind of girl i'm looking for. Jason Biggs also stands out in his few scenes, especially in the one as the credits roll about the Victoria's Secrets models. hilarious! whenever i get to feeling lonely i can always put this movie on and feel better. the music on the movie is really good too. the Jennifer, Jennifer song is really catchy. i highly recommend this movie. trying to grade it objectively i'd give it 8/10 but for me personally it's a 10 all the way.
  • I am sorry to see that this film has achieved such a low average score, for I thought it was really pretty well done. Of course the plot has echoes of When Harry Met Sally, but for me it was sufficiently different to be readily distinguishable, apart from the fact that it took place over a much shorter time period, almost all the important action being in the central characters' college years.

    I liked it that Ryan was an archetypal nerd (but not a totally clueless geek), which made the whole development of an apparently platonic friendship (but evidently more on his side almost from the start) much more plausible. I know it's a cliché, but I liked his room mate, self-proclaimedly more knowledgeable about women, continually striking out in real life. I liked the quietly attractive but by no means glamorous heroine and her friend.

    Because it did not require so much suspension of disbelief as When Harry Met Sally, I think it worked better.
  • Maybe I'm just a sucker for love, but this was good. Seeing 'Ryan' as a geek was almost a paradox, not to mention that that geek was as sweet and cute as can be. Let's face it...If it has Freddie Prinze, Jr. in it, I'm hooked. The plot is pretty decent, too.
  • The year after American Pie, both Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan signed on for the worst script either of them had ever read. My guess is that they had absolutely no better offers that year, because this is a pretty cynical cash-grab. Its just falls flat in every way.

    They both play minor characters, which further adds to my theory that this film was a preexisting "make lovers from friends" script featuring Forlani and Prinze Jr's characters that was forced into the old pie-tin once American Pie became a huge hit.

    The acting is stilted, the dialogue is horrid, Claire Forlani is miscast as anything but an ice queen and Prinze and Biggs seem like they did a last minute switcheroo in an attempt for both to play against type, but Biggs can't play confident and Prinze is too good looking to be believably shy. I've seen worse movies, but I strongly recommend you don't see this one.

    its just not good in any way.
  • srobi2807 April 2006
    ... this was an awful movie! My friends talked me into seeing it, saying "Hey, the movie looks really good! We should go see it!" So I went to see in in the theaters with my girlfriend at the time and my two friends. I was disappointed 30 minutes into the movie already, and it didn't get any better. It simply was not funny! In any way! It had no laughs! On top of that, the three stupid teenagers in the row in front of us were annoying the hell out of me! The only thrill I got out of this movie was going outside afterwards and giving those stupid teenagers a piece of my mind about staying quiet during a movie. That's it. This movie is so unmemorable, that I don't even remember the plot. I only saw it once, and I will never watch it again, and if you want to save yourself from a headache, you shouldn't either.
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