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  • cassandra200613 October 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I hope, at the end of my life, I am not desperately in need of the 90 or so minutes I spent watching this self indulgent nonsense, cos then I will be really cross! This film is about a chap who has written a film script and has hopes of selling it to Hollywood, or indeed anywhere, where it may be filmed. Along the way, he encounters misfortune, disappointment, a thief, various issues to do with relationships and friendships. Yada yada yada. I have utterly forgotten the names of most of the performers in this film, which - as at least some of them may be wishing they had never taken on the gig - may not be a bad thing.

    The main actor, utterly miscast, should just accept the fact he doesn't have the talent or range for the responsibility a lead roll entails. He's a character actor with an apparently strong line in camp mannerisms and should make what use he can of a niche market. I've seen him in other things and, while he always plays more or less the same bitchy character, he is effective enough with a script that calls for such a response. This was not such a one. It needed a proper actor who could also play comedy, not a mannered, limited charicaturist. A couple of recognisable faces utter forgettable and sometimes inane lines. Characters turn up but get little or no chance of development. There is a sort of 'road trip' to Brighton, the purpose of which remains unclear to me. Maybe my attention was wavering at that point. David Tennant, as a possibly dodgy script agent, who may or may not have a hotline to The Suits in big Hollywood production houses, is one of the few whose character and lines make any sense at all, and he gives it his best shot. His couple of scenes are far too short to plug the hole in the foundering raft of this film, but it is nice to see a charismatic and talented actor rise above a vile shirt, unflattering hair style and thick rimmed glasses, while supplying some much needed comic interludes. The DVD I watched came with a gratuitous, lengthy, tedious 'extras' section, hosted by the person responsible for the film. A waste of time, reeking of smugness and a sad lack of awareness. If the film were a 'work in progress', in the hands of somebody learning his craft at film school, there may be some point to it. As it stands, on public release, it's woeful. In short, don't bother with this one. A potentially good idea, still awaiting a more accomplished production and script to bring it to realisation.
  • For a low budget film, they actually did an OK job.

    It's got some good one-liners and good solid performances.

    David Tennant, who plays Doctor Who, also pops up in this film.

    James Dreyfus, who we know from Notting Hill and Gimme Gimme Gimme, is actually really good as an American - much more versatile than i would have imagined.

    On the DVD commentary the director says it was actually made for 10k and shot in 21 days.

    So fair dues, not bad for a film done on no money and in a short time.

    you can see promise in the filmmaker and I would be interested to see some of his new work.