During the filming of the scene when Torrance, Missy, Jan and Les carpool to a football game, a driver, angry that the film's motorcade was making him late for dinner, attempted to drive the camera truck off the road. It appears the character of Les is just an overly cautious driver who keeps checking his side mirrors. Huntley Ritter is really watching Mr. Road Rage get pulled over by the Highway Patrol.

All of the actors who were playing cheerleaders had to go to what they ended up calling "Cheerleader Boot Camp".

Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union were both cheerleaders in school.

Of all the cheerleaders featured, only Kirsten Dunst, Rini Bell, and Brandi Williams were still teenagers during filming. Everyone else was in their 20s; Gabrielle Union being the oldest at 27.

Carla Mackauf, who plays Aaron's college girlfriend ("You were a cheerleader?") is a real-life Lakers cheerleader.

The very last scene to be filmed was the toothbrush flirting scene with Jesse Bradford and Kirsten Dunst.

The vintage rock t-shirts that Cliff wears throughout the film are from director Peyton Reed's extensive collection.

Shamari Fears, Natina Reed, and Brandi Williams form the singing trio Blaque. They sing the song "As If" on the movie's soundtrack.

The cheer that Missy hears from out of the hotel window is a cheer from Kirsten Dunst's high school alma mater.

The Toros and Clovers cheerleaders' uniforms show the midriff, which is strictly forbidden on high school competitive teams.

The Clovers line 'Can we beat these Buffys down so I can go home' is an homage. Clare Kramer and Eliza Dushku have played villains on Buffy The Vampire slayer (1997).

The high school pictured in the movie is actually San Diego State University. A statue of the founder of the university can be seen in the shot at Missy's car before Torrance and Missy go to see the Clovers.

During the first football game scene, the male cheerleaders behind Missy (Eliza Dushku) are not making the Torro "bull" hand signal like the rest of the cheer team. Instead, they are making "the shocker" hand signal.

The Advanced Chemistry textbook that Torrance is studying is not a real book at all. The PHD writer is actually the Assistant Propmaster's name. Though not real, the book is credited at the end of the film as an actual book that was cleared for use.

Huntley Ritter performed the Nationals scene with a sprained ankle.

The Toros gym scenes were filmed at Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP), a Catholic girls school in San Diego. OLP cheerleaders cheer for their school, as the Pilots, and for St. Augustine, a Catholic boys school. In the movie, real OLP cheerleaders appear at the regionals and nationals, in their Saints cheer uniforms. In the regionals, they are after the Broncos, praying. At the nationals, they are sitting next to the Clovers as the winners are announced.

The high school's name, Rancho Carne, can be translated as Meat Ranch.

The fight song played by the Rancho Carne band at the football game scene is actually the "Cav Song", the traditional fight song used by the University of Virginia.

The Nationals were filmed in Oceanside, California.

Eliza Dushku and Clare Kramer (Missy and Courtney) were both on the T.V. series Buffy the Vampire Slayer at one point. Eliza was Faith, a second vampire slayer gone bad girl in season three. Clare was the god Glory who takes Buffy's sister to open a portal to hell. Nicole Bilderback (Whitney) also cameoed in a couple of episodes in season three as a Cordette.

In the scene where the Clovers are writing someone to ask for money for the competition, the woman they are writing to is named Pauletta Patterson. This is the same legal name of Gabrielle Union's character Mary Jane Paul on Being Mary Jane.

Of the film's 2 top billed actresses Kirsten Dunst found fame involving vampires ('Interview with a Vampire') whilst Eliza Dushku found fame as a vampire Slayer ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer').

In this film Lindsay Sloane plays a bitchy head cheerleader who picks on the junior members of the team. In 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' she played the junior member picked on by the bitchy head cheerleader.

Terri Conn had three callbacks for the role of Torrance before Kirsten Dunst was cast in the part.

Eliza Dushku and Clare Kramer share three projects in common. Bring it On, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, And Tru Calling

When the Toros walk in to the regional championships you can see a cheerleader dressed as a Falcon from the 1984 cheerleading movie "Gimme an F" over Missy's right shoulder.

The character of Whitney was originally scripted as a peroxide blonde.

When Missy hands in her form before auditioning for the team, the section for her name only has her first name on it, with no last name. Also, her address, written as "7762 Winnocks Neck Rd," could only be located in Scarborough, Maine. Missy said she's originally from Los Angeles, so either she moved from Maine very recently, and used her old address, or the movie made up an address to pretend it's where she moved to.

Despite playing brother and sister Cliff and Missy Pantone and are both high school students of the same age in this movie that isn't in reality. in fact Jesse Bradford who plays Cliff is actually 1 year and 7 months older than Eliza Dushku who plays his sister Missy.

In the scene where Missy auditions for the team, she holds up her application. Only her name and street address are visible. The address reads 7762 Winnocks Neck Rd. This is a combination of the address of the actual house used as the filming location for Missy's house (7762 Starlight Dr.) and the street on which prop master Brenton Lane used to live in Scarborough, ME (Winnocks Neck Rd.).

Beth LaMure: In the last scene during the Awards ceremony, the "editor of Cheer Fashion Magazine, Ms. Brandi Tattersol", is Director Peyton Reed's then-wife.

Peyton Reed: The character of "Mime" is credited as "Silencio Por Favor", which means "Silence Please"... in Spanish.

According to the National Federation Interscholastic Spirit Association, many of the stunts the teams perform in the national competition, including fly-overs, basket-tosses with head-over-heels rotation, and stunts more than two bodies high, are illegal at the high school level.

In the final performance, the Toro's routine incorporates every dance style Torrance names, while coming up with a new show.

A clip from Blaque's song "As If," which was recorded for the movie soundtrack, is included in the medley used by the Toros for their routine at Nationals. The three members of the singing group star, along with Gabrielle Union, as cheerleaders on the Toros' rival squad, the Clovers.