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  • Not only the best Chinese movie ever, but highly probably the best one of its time, i won't spoil you any disclosed details, however i strongly recommend you to check this gem out, it is really a must see, a true classic transcending its time and inborn boundaries splendidly. Xiao Fangfanf might easily be the most competent and understated actress of Hongkong, distantly followed by Zhang Baizhi and Lin Qinxia, i won't vouchsafe any plaudits and acclimation other than she, who now is pushing 60, but still shines simultaneously in the entertainment industry and politics circle, good for her. above all 1960s is globally considered the golden period for hongkong's movie making industry, during that particular time table, a slew of excellent flicks came into being, which including some major releases starred Liu Xiaoqing and Pan Hong who are both the huge shots of people's republic of china at that juncture. thus if you make pretension to be bona fide movie buff,please at least pay this bravura for inspiration a view