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  • "Amazon" is one of my favorite series. I was shocked when they canceled this awesome TV show. It had a great story line and the acting was wonderful. Not to mention the fact that jungle atmosphere looked so realistic. I'm sure, this series inspired Lost in many aspects but I still prefer 'Amazon'.

    The final episode was kind of weird but I guess, they just planned to make season 2.

    C.Thomas Howell, Fabiana Udenio, Carol Alt, Chris Martin and other actors did a great job here.

    "Amazon" should have been a big HIT!!!
  • deepsky-33 February 2000
    This an amazing show! Rarely do I even bother getting involved in TV show fandom, but I will for "Amazon". OK, so it started out a little schlocky, with the fake blood and rubber snakes and all. But frankly, I found the concept of the "Ghost Tribe" fantastic! Stranger things have happened in the real world. The show's characters, show more depth and development as the show progresses. From the survivors like the spoilt but tender Pia, the angst adolescent Will, or aggressive but learning Dr Kennedy to the tribes people like the ever popular Falconer John, the feisty witch Prudence or the passionate widow Hekka. It taps into my lost in a jungle meet a renaissance village fantasy! And speaking as a Generation-X Asian-American, I choose to support the multicultural cast native "Spider-tribe" also, and the show's attempt to present both their hostile and compassionate sides. With the storyline linear, presenting increasingly complex interactions between all of the above groups and cultures, I think the show displays far more creativity and thoughtfulness than quite a few of the top network shows. But I'm not looking for "Star Trek" special effects or PC attitude, j ust good entertainment. And despite any of the aformentioned criticism, for me, "Amazon" just keeps going and going.
  • A big "Thank You!" to Peter Benchley for giving us what I feel is the best new show of the year. It is refreshing to finally watch a T.V. series with a totally unique concept. The cast is made up of a wonderful array of actors including C. Thomas Howell, Carol Alt, Fabiano Udenio (Austin Powers, Part 1), Rob Stewart, Chris Martin, Tyler Hynes and Gabriel Hogan(Traders) just to name a few. The actors have done a superb job of making their characters grow on you with each passing episode. I find the show to be filled with drama, suspense yet it also has heartwarming compassion. It may take a couple of episodes to get to know the characters and the storyline, but I believe most will find it well worth their while to watch it. I find myself anxiously awaiting each new episode. Gilligan's Island this is NOT! Long live Amazon!
  • I just bought the DVD's for Peter Benchley's Amazon because I wanted to watch the show again.

    I especially liked the part Rob Stewart played and was disappointed when the canceled the show after one season. I wanted to see if he would be cured of his illness by Prudence so he would be able to try to get home.

    He was told he would become ill again if he left the Amazon because she had not found the cure yet.

    The other actors were also great in the parts they played, but Rob is a actor who can play different roles.

    It's too bad they can't bring the actors back to give us a final of what happens to them especially Jimmy and Karen.
  • R.Stone17 September 2000
    This is one of the best Canadian shows you will see on TV ! This show has cast one of the most impressive young & talented kids in Toronto, Danielle Bouffard. Danielle plays the role of Mary in this wonderfully well written TV series. You will love her in this show as much as you all loved her in the role of Sophie in the TV series 'Traders'. You may also remember Danielle as Angel Bryson at age 5 in the TV series 'Twice in a Lifetime' and Katie Miller in the TV series 'Blue Murder'.
  • This was a syndicated show in the US. I would organize my Saturday to make sure I was home to watch it. And, now it needs a Netflix re-boot like they did for Lost In Space. It's a great premise.
  • I didn't like this show at first, but I like C. Thomas Howell & Carol Alt so stuck with it. I didn't think this show could go anywhere stuck in the jungle with the same few people, but they've introduced some new exciting characters. And not just natives - but a real mystery of a people calling themselves the 'Chose Ones'. Peter Benchly and the writing staff are really starting to get things interesting. The Chosen Ones and Heathens upcoming war should be worth tuning in to.

    If you're looking for an entertaining 'guilty pleasure' show, check out 'Amazon'. It's not going to win any Emmys, but it does what it sets out to do. It's my #1 'guily pleasure'!
  • I saw the first episode last night (in Toronto we get it later) and I thought it was really cool. It was entertaining and interesting. The crash scene was done really well and the sound stage is absolutely amazing. I am kind of concerned about how they're going to drag on the plot line throughout an entire series without repeating too much and without making it another Gilligan's Island. We'll just have to watch and find out. From what I've seen so far, I give it an A+.
  • Amazon is such a great show because of its vast diversity in characters, plot, and appeal for all ages and both sexes..The "survivors" each have their unique persona, and as a group they have such great chemistry on screen. I personally like the Native tribe the best, although I know so many Amazon fans prefer The Ghost Tribe because of certain "nice-looking" actors!! The natives have such great costumes, and they speak the language so convincingly..and they really do help add some spice to the diversity I mentioned. And of course, the set is beautiful. It's a change from the usual sit-com apartment or coffee shop. Congratulations Benchley! It's a wonderful show!!
  • I'm really enjoying this series. The writing is good, the sets are interesting, and the cast is not only pretty, but good at what they do. Amazon is the only new series this Fall that has kept my interest. Each episode leaves me wanting to know what will happen next, which is very rare for a tv series of late. I hope this show lasts awhile despite the Football season messing up my local station's programming and putting Amazon on at 2am on a Sunday night. The Networks never know a good thing when they have it anymore. Anyway, Long Live Amazon!
  • Cezar717 September 2005
    I love this show. Amazon is one my my favorite TV shows.

    I would like to see continuation. I know there was script of 2nd season but only few people saw it :(

    My best character is Karen. I would like to know what happen with her after last episode... I hope she will survive.

    I like idea of Chosen and Morag's cannibals :) Great idea :) My best episode is "Escape" , "Home" and "White Which". These episodes are very thrilling. Hmm.. I wish Mr. Peter Benchley wrote about ending of this show... I wish... Doeas somebody have e-mail to Mr. Benchley? :)

    I like shows and movies about survivors and castaways. I also like LOST, Blue Lagoon, Castaway, Robinson Crusoe :) Amazon is the first show not about island.. but about Amazon rain forest :)
  • I can't help but notice that the new hit show Lost seems to be borrowing a lot of elements from Amazon. In Amazon a plane crashes and the survivors eventually meet up with a race of people who are the descendants of the survivor's of a centuries old shipwreck. Last week the black rock in Lost turns out to be the name of what appears to be a wrecked galleon. My guess is that "the others" that the French woman is warning them about are going to be related to the passengers on the Black Rock. Peter Benchley's work seems ripe for picking these days with the new movie Into the Blue starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker being HEAVILY influenced by The Deep.
  • Bluefly11 October 1999
    I thought Amazon would be a cool survival show, but it turned out to be a little on the boring side. The continuing plotlines seem to be recycling themselves: crocodiles, warring natives, sadly missed attempts at rescue. I couldn't sympathize with any of the irritating characters except the boy, Will. I just kept wishing they would get rescued and get it over with.

    Amazon's just not a fun show to watch. They're obviously using the naked Italian lady as a ratings ploy, since nothing else about the show is very attractive to anyone. In my opinion, Amazon's sister show on UPN, Relic Hunter, is a lot more exciting.
  • michaz-2297431 January 2021
    Never have I watched a show where I kept hoping for the main characters to perish. This was basically "Gilligan's Island" except they were all Gilligans. If it were any semblance of realty, they would have died within 24 hrs. Let's see a deadly snake and move closer staring and staring and wait for it to jump then move back. The kid was the worst actor (or scripting was) - let's run off alone every chance we get and when they are calling your name just keep quiet. Could go on and on, but the characters were so... well stupid for lack of better adjective. And let's make the 20 yr old stupid and weaker than the grown men (in climbing, etc.). And the spoiled famous singer keeps flip-flopping her attitude every 5 minutes.. 1 min spoiled brat, next rational and helping, rinse repeat.
  • jpp21 March 2003
    Peter Benchley's Amazon was out of place, lost on television. Stranded in the jungle of do-anything-for-ratings it was a beautiful haunting opera lost on the astonished savages, singing its epic of homelessness in the pouring rain. Thus cancellation after one brief brilliant amazing season. The darkness comprehended it not. The words have been lost.

    To understand Amazon you must first live it. You have to be a member of the Ghost Tribe when holy war comes before you can wonder who are the savages. You have to be a man dying of middle age before the spell of Prudence can save your life. You have to be the son of missionaries to know what it means to be a child of promise. You have to be homeless to want to go home.

    The Amazon is a place of life and death, an exuberant burst of biology, a cathedral of divine survival. The lost meaning of Amazon can be discovered in the study of biology, and in the peculiar biology of the human mind, that wilderness of light and darkness and survival where the words infect, spread, become lost, and finally turn up in the arms of the person who is holding the arms.

    Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the show for a job very well done!
  • This was on TV late last night. I thought it was pretty bad. The episode started off with a flashback, revealing a plane crash/midair collision that goes on far too long, almost to the point of comedy. (It hits the other plane...gets torn apart...plummets...crashes...separates...rolls over...falls over a ravine...rolls around some more...come on already!) Then we see a naked woman swimming in water and an alligator comes in after her. She makes a lot of noise and splashes and tells it to go away. It goes away.

    She finds a life jacket and suddenly she's teary-eyed. Quick cut to a scene with post-fame C. Thomas Howell (now looking old and out of breath) asking, "Where did she go?" Cut back to the woman (now mysteriously wearing clothes) standing with the life preserver around her rambling on about the airline.

    It only gets worse after this.

    It's either based on a book or concept by Peter Benchley. I don't know, I didn't bother to figure out if it's a book because I hate Benchley's novels; JAWS is one of the worst I've ever read (the movie is ironically one of the best), insulting and childish with poor character development and bad dialogue; his other books are mostly even worse.

    He has a lot of bad ideas in his head. This TV show is one of them.
  • I agree with the earlier post that Will (Tyler Hynes) is the most interesting character in the series -- caught between three worlds, he takes adolescent angst to the n(th) degree! It was also a pleasant surprise to see "Corky" Martin of the Canadian teen soap opera "Fifteen" reborn as Chris Martin and able to handle an adult role. As for old fave C. Thomas Howell, this is certainly among the better roles he has assayed in the last several years of doing schlock work on the USA Network and several bottom-of-the-barrel movies.
  • This is the first time that Peter Benchley has disappointed me. Before watching the first episodes of Amazon, I read the synopsis and thought that it was very unoriginal but gave it a chance because of the great work Peter Benchley has done in the past. I made a mistake in watching it! Recently released "Lost" and "Flight Of The Phoenix", while good in themselves, are very unoriginal and based off one another. "Amazon" is a direct copy of these shows. Personally I am getting tired of movie makers making movies and TV Series based on the same ideas as ones recently released. It's comparable to a bad fashion trend. You dislike it but everyone does it anyway. The bad casting and horrifically obvious fake sets don't add to the tragic mediocrity of this complete DISASTER OF A SERIES!!!!!